Uh, the NFL’s “hottest” cheerleader

So a friend of mine forwarded a link from Channel 11 in Atlanta, which recently did a piece on John Rocker and how he’s misunderstood and Jeff Pearlman is a jerk and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Didn’t work.

What did work was the link above, which was coated by the headline NFL’s HOTTEST CHEERLEADER. So, naturally, I watched it, because who wouldn’t want to learn all about the NFL’s hottest cheerleader, who must be the hottest cheerleader because, well, uh, yeah.

Alas, this may well be the worst news segment in history. Let me count the reasons:

A. They never say who voted her Hottest Cheerleader. Not once. Was it 12 dudes in their basement? Her mother?

B. The cheerleader refuses to give her full name. Which should end the inquiry right there. With a bulls^^^t puff piece like this, you either have a full name or you just politely move on.

C. Uh, she seems awfully weird. But not weird in a quirky way. Weird in a “My daddy and his girlfriend, who’s also my sister’s mama’s uncle’s wife’s daughter, best not catch you by the shed with her ammo.” way. Which might be OK, were we to know her last name.

D. Even if all’s righteous, it’s a stupid story to begin with. NFL’s hottest cheerleader? Is this 1987?