*52 Quazes II

I just want to thank everyone here for the overwhelming response, via posts, e-mails and Tweets. I love the Quazes—love writing them, love tracking down unique people, love asking questions that walk the line on convention. So it means a great deal to me that people enjoy them as much as I do.

In other words: The Quaz continues …

— Jeff

PS: If anyone has any Quaz suggestions, please hit me up, either here or at I’m not bullshitting when I say, “I’m all ears.”

PPS: Have been running like crazy lately. Last night took a six miler in the driving rain. It was cold, and windy enough that the water was coming down sorta sideways-ish. Almost went back inside, but sucked it up. If you’re a runner, or an aspiring runner, I strongly suggest braving the rain. It makes you run faster, and serves as the ultimate distractor from fatigue, foot pain, etc …