Bliss and Java in Inwood

Yesterday afternoon I worked in my home office. It’s small, and smells a bit funky, and there are papers everywhere.

Tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Chicago at 6:30 am, then returning at 8:20 pm.

Today, I am in bliss.

The name of the coffee shop is the Indian Road Cafe. It’s located in Inwood, a neighborhood toward the upper tip of Manhattan. Aaron Handelman, a friend of mine (aka DJ White Owl—his music can be heard here) has repeatedly urged me to come here for the vibe, the food, the feel. “It’s a place where writers go,” he said. “You’ll love it—guaranteed.”

He was right.

I was once asked by Chris Jones how I get any work done in coffee shops. The answer, simply, is the comfort and casualness of the scene. I like feeling like I’m in a community, even if it’s 98 percent figment. I like smells and sounds; background noises. I love big, unfamiliar windows and funky, overpriced coffee drinks and the egg of the day. This place is too far from my home to ever make me a regular, but it is—truly—fantastic. No pressure to leave a table after an hour, no overbearing Starbucks smell, no commercialization, no ripped couches and loud managers (a la my local Cosi). Just chill comfort.

I’m home.

9 thoughts on “Bliss and Java in Inwood”

  1. That Joel Forrester is a really good jazz pianist. Never played with him, but I’ve used his drummer once or twice. Small world!

  2. Jeff, will you be attending Obama’s $40,000/person dinner tonight at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house?

    Better use of $40,000…dinner with Carrie Bradshaw or textbooks for inner city schools? Curious what your take is.

    1. My take is you’re 100% right. It’s bullshit. The system … the players—they’re broken. Completely broken.

  3. Hey Jeff, not exactly thinking that one who raises tens of millions to give people hope fits the definition of “invisible.” Lance uses his platform to make the world a better place…how about you?

  4. BBbenBenBeBen Bolch

    TttttttrtTotally on board with this. Once you tune out the clatter of a coffeehouse in 15-20 minutes, it’s a great writing atmosphere. You can get in a zone. Plus there are not all the distractions of home.

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