The new Mets anthem …

One of my good friends is Aaron Handelman, aka DJ White Owl.

Once upon a time, Owl was in a hip-hop group, Bad Ronald, that spent some time on MTV with this song and video. The group, like most groups, didn’t last especially long, and the members went about their lives and jobs and, well, yeah.

Thing is, Owl is fantastic. And a wonderful guy. So, last year, when I asked whether he’d consider doing a piece of music for my Walter Payton biography, we warmly obliged—then blew me away with this. It’s a song I still love (and, admittedly, there’s something cool about hearing your own name in a rap).

Anyhow, earlier this year Owl and I discussed the concept of a Mets rap. It was sort of nebulous and ambiguous. I actually thought, with the departure of Jose Reyes and the Wilpon financial ugliness, a song would have to be something of a downer. Owl, however, disagreed. He wanted to rap about his genuine love for the Mets; about warm days in Queens and dynamic ballplayers and a time most Amazin’ fans will never forget.

He played the final version for me last night, and I said I’d piece together a little video. The song far surpasses my mediocre AV work.

Hope you enjoy it …

PS: Owl is amazing. Truly amazing. For more of his stuff, go here. Trust me, it’s worth a listen.