Rocky Suhayda

Back when I was a kid, attending weekly Sunday school classes and monthly services at my local Chavurah, there was a general rule of thumb toward the views of anti-Semites: Ignore everything.

Ignore what they say.

Ignore what they scream.

Ignore what they write.

Ignore, ignore, ignore.

Because I was young, and because it seemed to make sense, I followed along. When some Nazi so-and-so held a march in so-and-so town, I didn’t even read about it. When some moron like David Duke ran for whatever office, I paid little mind. It was good ol’ see no evil, hear no evil—and it kept me warm and safe and protected.

With just one problem: I hated being warm and safe and protected.

Do I like Nazis? Uh, being a liberal New York Jew, that’d be a big ol’ No. Do I support their goals? Not even close. But am I curious to understand their beliefs, and the origins of their world views, and their goals and desires and self-described needs? Yes, I am.

That’s why, a couple of months ago, I contacted Rocky Suhayda, chairman of the American Nazi Party, and asked whether he’d consider doing a Quaz. Up front, I informed Rocky that I am, indeed Jewish, and he promptly told me that he’d do his best to answer my questions and explain his takes. When he submitted his replies, I was riveted, fascinated—and disgusted. Here is a man who somehow believes in gay rights, yet abhors interracial marriage; who seems to have no real issue with run-of-the-mill Jews, yet damns those who, in his opinion, control the money. Truth be told, I’m still not sure why Rocky calls himself a Nazi—he seems to believe the Holocaust happened, but just doesn’t think we should keep dwelling on it. That solitary view might well make him an anti-Semite. But it doesn’t coincide with many of the more evil Nazi-esque viewpoints I’ve heard (Rocky noted to me on multiple occasions that the Hollywood stereotyping of his ilk has led to great misinformation).

Truth be told, I’m not sure what to make of Rocky. I can’t say I “like” him, because, well, I loathe so many of his viewpoints. I do, however, sometimes think that we allow names and tags to incorrectly label. Are Rocky’s stated viewpoints all that much worse than the Southern conservative activists trying their all to keep blacks from voting by insisting on IDs at polling stations? Are they so different than people questioning Barack Obama’s birthplace, and referring to him—deliberately, pointedly—by his middle name?

I don’t have the answer to these questions—I really don’t. But, come day’s end, I do believe there’s legitimate value in understanding the perspectives of others … even when those perspectives make us want to vomit (and, to be blunt, when you consider someone’s historical interpretations to be based upon misinformation/bullshit).

Rocky Suhayda is today’s Quaz guest …

JEFF PEARLMAN: Rocky, first, I wanna thank you for doing this. You’re not my traditional interview guest, and this probably isn’t your traditional interview. So that’s worth something, I suppose.

First question I want to ask you is a very personal one for me: As I told you in the e-mail to set this up, I’m Jewish. My grandparents came here from Germany to escape Hitler. My Great-grandmother, Johanna Baer, was captured, sent to a concentration camp and killed. From the time I was born until her death in 1999, my Grandma Marta could barely talk about what happened in Germany—to her mother, to her friends, to her neighbors. You and your organization, however, insist this never happened. My question is: A. With all the historical documentation, even from the nation of Germany and countless Nazi participants, what case can you make? And B. Why in the world would you want to identify yourself with, of all things, Naziism? Can’t you be anti-immigration and anti-race mixing without aligning yourself with Adolph Hitler?

ROCKY SUHAYDA: First, let’s be honest here—the victors write the history books. Today, according to the (controlled) media, Adolf Hitler and his ideology of National Socialism was the most “evil, stupid, non-sense filled” doctrine ever “forced” upon mankind. Yet, the German people are not an ignorant, stupid or evil people. They are among the most intelligent, and creative people in the world.

Going further, the National Socialist doctrine spread to just about every other White nation on the face of the earth, finding followers all over the globe.

Literally millions of non-Germans fought for National Socialism in World War II. They came from as far different areas as Spain, France, Belgium, Italy—even over a million Russians fought for NS Germany’s efforts to destroy Judeo-Capitalism and Judeo-Communism.

Today, the “victors” fear the idea of National Socialism, that in Germany it is “outlawed.” Now, if National Socialism was so discredited—why not simply let it exist as an alternative choice in the field of political ideas—and then, let the people show their distain by ignoring it? Why this constant fear of a “discredited” philosophy?

National Socialism is a nature based view of life. Unlike either Judeo-Capitalism, or Judeo-Communism—it is not based upon crass materialism.  It is healthy, and caring towards the needs of the folk that make up its society—unlike what we are forced to exist under in todays corrupt and decadent “western world”.

Second, we believe in the principals of National Socialism. Not in what William L Shirer (a Jew) or “Time-Life” depicts in their hate propaganda—but, as put forth in Hitler’s book Mein Kampf.

Whether one like to admit it or not, NS Germany came out of the Great Depression years before any other western nation, because of National Socialisms progressive policies—for the average German. America, for example only came out of the Depression because of the advent of war. Pretty sad, eh?

The Christian church was involved in some pretty “drastic” measure of their own over the centuries—Inquisitions, Crusades, witch-hunts etc et al. Would you suggest that “Christianity” should be condemned and “forgotten” because of these?

There is quite enough “lying” in politics already—we ARE National Socialists, why should we hide it? For “fear” of our enemies, of the “Jews” and their power? We believe in truth, no matter how harsh it is, or difficult for people to accept.

We know ourselves to be decent, honorable people who seek only the betterment of our people. We are not the “Hollywood”-created caracature of the “scowling, bonehead bigot, who only lives to terrorize others”. As our website states—we are your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members—we are one of you.

J.P.: Are you saying the Holocaust didn’t exist, the Holocaust sort of existed or it didn’t exist at all? I mean, there seems to be documented proof beyond documented proof that these people were, indeed, killed. As I told you earlier, my grandmother, before she passed, had a very detailed and vivid narrative of the loss of her mother. So are you saying Grandma was lying?

R.S.: Neither you nor I were even born then … it’s ancient history. Who cares what happened way back in World War II, except it was a “holocaust” for tens of millions of my people, and should never occur again. It’s like the “slavery” issue with negroes—my family never owned a slave. In fact back in Europe they were serfs and peasants—was that much different? I remember my gramma had a “medal” that was awarded to some great, great, great ancestor of mine—for catching “poachers”, by some “Baron” or other “lordship.” Yeah, some poor serf, catching other serfs, who were no doubt starving! Lovely, eh? The  Japs killed over 30 million Chinese, yet there are no “memorials” to them. Few people are even aware of it—I wonder why?  Not too many “Chinese” in control of western media, I guess. You know, I’m still waiting for a movie to come along, depicting the life of the average Germans—women, kids, old folks—being fire-bombed day and night, by the “greatest generation” … won’t hold my breath, though. LOL. I can’t imagine that being in Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden et al—was much worse, than being in any camp.

J.P.: I’m a Jewish guy from Mahopac, New York. I was born to hard-working parents, I attended college, I work my butt off. One of my closest friends is a black guy from Mahopac, New York. His dad died of cancer when he was young, his mom worked her butt off as a bus driver, then teacher, to raise her kids. He attended the Naval Academy and is a fantastic man. Why do you have any beef with us? Why do you think this nation would be better without us?

R.S.: Surprise! Sincere National Socialists do not hate all “Jews.”

It doesn’t matter to me personally “what” you “worship”—personally, I’m an agnostic. What we are against are people who do harm to our people. Why Jews then? OK, it’s like this—look at all these Wall Street Banksters. How many of them are “Jews”? It’s the same throughout the entire “financial sector”—private or government. We are determined to pry these “Jewish” fingers, with their interest-slavery usury, from our people’s economic life!

Per the average Jewish guy, who owns a deli, or is a dentist—unless they actively support what we call the “Jewish Power Structure,” or are actively against our efforts—we have no “problems” with them.

Believe it or not, we have had people self-discribing themselves as “Jews,” contact us and state that they agree with pretty much everything we’re saying, but they obviously can’t join because they are “Jews.” Too bad they had to bring it up—if they were sincere in fighting Judeo-Capitalism they could have been of use.

In fact, we are having so many “Non-Aryans” contacting us with similar viewpoints that I am seriously considering launching an “ANP Sympathizer” branch, where they could support our agenda, without “officially” joining as members. I’m honestly not joking here.

Not “all Jews” are “bad” any more than any other race is all “bad.”  Today’s decadent “white” culture ( or, lack of true, decent culture ) probably contains more “bad” people than any other out there. And that’s our agenda—to turn these lost brothers and sisters around, and to bring them “home”—where they can live a decent and healthy life, in tune with nature, rather than against it.

J.P.: You are the chairman of the American Nazi Party. How did this happen? What I mean is, Rocky, what was your life path? I know you’re from Detroit and used to work in the medical field. Are your parents Nazis as well, or was this something you discovered on your own? In other words, what’s your story?

R.S.: I was born in Detroit, honorably discharged from the Army, worked various jobs, mainly 25 years as a medical warehouse supervisor/worker. I have never been convicted of a crime. I have been married for over 30 years and have three children, two of whom are Autistic. I have campaigned several times for local office. My “best” vote total was around 1,600 when I ran for City Council in Livonia Michigan, a city of around 80,000 population. That time the JDL picketed my home—lol.

I first joined George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party back in 1967 at the age of 16. I worked in the library throughout high school and found a copy of Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, on the shelves, and read it.

My father had been in World War II, “won” a Silver and Bronze Star for “killing 16 Nazi’s”—and yes, he was a “racist.” But he had no influence upon my thinking. My mother made me my first armband when I was a teenager, more out of love for me than anything else.

I became a National Socialist because I dug and researched far beyond the “normal” propaganda about Hitler and National Socialism, and over the years my views have only been more confirmed.

With each generation, people are caring less about the old World War II propaganda, and more new truths are coming forth about the true nature of National Socialism. If there hadn’t been World War II, Adolf Hitler would have gone down in history as The Man of the Century. But, two “supposed, deadly enemies”—Judeo-Capitalism and Judeo-Communism—joined together to utterly destroy this man and his Idea, who dared challenge International Finance.  They “won” temporarily, and all of us underemployed, unemployed and indigent White Workers around the world can give them a big “thank you” for the barren sewers we exist in today!

J.P.: I’ve always wondered something about Nazi sympathizers (if that’s the right term) who live in America. If you go to, say, an auto body shop and the mechanic is Asian, do you refuse service? Or let’s say you check into a hospital and the doctor is black? Or your accountant is Jewish? What I mean is, can you deal cordially with minorities on a day-to-day, real-world basis? And is it even remotely possible for you to have a black or Jewish or Asian or Indian friend?

R.S.: I’m amazed! Unlike the Judeo-Capitalist world that had “Empires” like un-Great Britain, and today the U.S.—that exploited these peoples for their own gain—NS Germany had no “colonies,” and great relations with non-Aryans.

They were the heroes of the Arab world, that had long be exploited by the “west.” They aided the Iraqi’s with arms and troops to free themselves from British exploitation, and the Egyptians praying for the Africa Korps to kick the imperialist out of the Middle East! The Grand Mulla himself was a guest of Hitler, and served as Spiritual Advisor for Muslim troops (White) in the Balkins. And their greatest ally was Japan, an oriental nation.

No, true National Socialist live by the “Golden Rule.”

J.P.: You once said that you wished Aryan-Americans had the cojones of the 9/11 hijackers. Your quote was—”If we were one-tenth as serious, we might start getting somewhere.” Uh … really? I mean, do you believe violence of such magnitude has its place in your movement?

R.S.: What I believe, is that conviction to such a degree, is sorely lacking in far too many people involved in this so-called “racial movement.”

How can any person deny that, that “Alamo spirit” that these men showed, is anything but admirable? Was it much different than “massada”?  Yes, I do admire anyone who fights like a tiger, with anything they’ve got—for their side. Unlike this society, I try really hard, not to be a hypocrite. “Ohhh, we give ’em Shock and Awe and it’s cool”—all the while, doing it from miles away, up in the sky—safe. They “do it”—expending their own lives in the process, and they’re “madmen.” Only in this “society.”

J.P.: The president of the United States has a white mother and a black father. I’m assuming, based on your website, this doesn’t exactly thrill you. So I’m wondering—did you watch his inauguration? Could you, in any way, shape or form, appreciate the historical significance of the moment? Do you consider Barack Obama to be the devil? And, if he knocked on your door, would you speak with him cordially?

R.S.: Actually, if you Google it up, you’ll find that in that shell-game, er “election”—I stated in a interview for another magazine, that I “prefered Obama over McCain, the pale-faced war-monger.”

Obama promised “change”—of course, we didn’t get it. He promised shutting down torture camps like Gitmo—he didn’t. He promised he would stop the wars—he bombed Libya, and surged Aftganistan, and is creating more “hot spots” around the globe as I write. A typical lying political sock-puppet for the real “powers that be.”

Anyways, he’s half white, isn’t he? LOL Tragically, he’s lost his racial ancestry, through centuries of his ancestors.

Yes, I preferred “giving him a chance” over what I knew Old Fat Face was. After all, here was a negro who (at the time) attended a black nationalist church, was married to a black woman instead of capturing a “white” prize, like most wealthy blacks do. He spouted “change” and God knows, I’m for just about any kind of change when it comes to this political cesspool—so, give him a chance …

He flunked.

The negro population must really be disgusted. Here they thought that they would have “one of them” in the White House, it’s gonna be “milk and honey” time!  Hell, he might have well been green, for all that he’s done for ‘them.” Nope, just another political fraud.

J.P.: Your group seems awfully upset about Jews “controlling” everything. Here’s the thing, Rocky: Generally (and stereotypically) speaking, we work our asses off, we stress education, our mothers insist we become lawyers or doctors, we give a lot of money to charity. Isn’t it possible that you’re just jealous because we’re significantly smarter than you? [Writer’s note: I was kidding]

R.S.: OK, here’s where we “take off the gloves.”

“Jews” are well known by everyone—tell a joke about Jews and money, and everyone will ‘get it’—for being “manipulators” of finance.

It’s not too difficult to make money, if you control the whole ball-game, as the weathy Jews do. Usury, ie interest slavery, was outlawed in Old Europe by the Church. It was outlawed in National Socialist Germany too. Islam outlaws it today.

Thats why the Rothchilds and the rest created World War II, to get rid of NS Germany’s barter-trade system, out-flanking the International Banks, and their “handling” of monies. They couldn’t allow that idea to spread throughout the world, now could they.

Pardon me, but you seem to have an “elitest” attitude—Jews are “educated doctor and lawyers”? I myself have met and worked with Jews who weren’t so lucky. Not all jews are wealthy. Do you look askance at them?  Kinda like, when the wealthy jews were fleeing Europe, with all their ill-gotten gains, and left the “small” jews to be interned. Yes, interned—just as we (gosh, gasp) freedom loving, god-fearing Americans (Jews too, don’t forget were helping) were rounding up every “Jap” we could find, stripping them of their homes, jobs, business’s and putting them out in the desert in “concentration camps.”  What do you think might have happened to them, if America had lost the war?  What happened to the “Indians” …

I have a thought for you—why is it, that no matter where Jews have gone—Spain, France, England etc—they have been “percecuted” and “pogramed” by the indigenous population? What do these Jews “do” to get people so riled up about them?  Is everybody so “wrong” about “the Jews”, and the Jews really are “God’s Chosen People”—whoa! now that sounds kinda “supremacist,” pal—that God loves Jews more than anyone else. Are you a Jew Supremacist?

As for “being smarter,” well, old Moses got lost in a 40-square mile piece of desert for how many years? LOL

J.P.: Why does race matter to you? What I mean is, why would you bond with others because of the pigmentation of their skin? I can understand feeling a kinship because you’re both Brewers fans, or you’re both from Oakland. But … pigmentation? I mean, skin-wise, you and I are both white. But I’m sure as hell not inviting you over for Passover.

R.S.: It’s a “nature thing,” from your questions, I’m really wondering if “Jews” really  are more “different” from us Goyim (non-Jews) than I thought.

After all, so many “Jews” have inter-married with beautiful Aryan women over the years  that they honestly aren’t racial Jews anymore.

It’s the “mindset,” ie “spiritual Judaism” that sets them apart. Let’s be honest here—Jews are the most “racist”-minded people on planet earth.

Oh, they’re mainly “liberal minded” ( in the wrong ways, such as promoting race-mixing for others, and pushing “rights” for unnaturnal lifestyles like homosexuals, and putrifying “entertainment” to the point where it’s either pornographic or idiotic …) but, as a closed community—they mostly marry other Jews, and promote other Jews’ interests in business, and basically “keep it all in the club.”

Now mind you, I admire Jews for it! I really do. I only wish that someday, Aryans will have the same mindset—in National Socialist Germany they did!

In any case, race is the once thing that binds a people together. When one people share the same interests, culture, history—they move forward together, better than a mob does—where every self-interest group fights the others for a piece of the pie.

“God” or Nature created all these different species—isn’t it going against God or Nature to obliterate that which was created in the first place? Would earth be a better place if all the birds blended into crows? In nature, robins mate with robins, not blue-jays. Tigers mate with only other tigers, not with leopards. Trout stay with trout, not mating with catfish? Do you see the point? Look at Israel—look at how they treat the indiginous Arab population.  It’s almost National Socialism (Hollywood style) with a Star of David!

Over the centuries, the strength of the Jewish people has been their unity against their perceived opponants, their insular desire to stay with their own, their their willingness to sacrifice for their common good over any other thinking—would you deny that to other peoples, like mine?

J.P.: Another part of your platform reads: “We further demand the removal of all alien influences from the cultural life of the Aryan community, and the elimination of the cult of ugliness and insanity known as “modern art” and “modern music” (For example “rap”).” A. What’s your beef with modern art? And B. What’s your beef with rap? And would you be sorta OK with, say, Nazi-themed rap performed by a white guy?

R.S.: I went to the local “holohoax museum” one time, and they had a display. One wall was NS condemned “art”—it was filled with silly, ugly, distasteful “art” that repulsed me. The other wall was NS approved art—it was filled with pictures that looked beautiful. Items like what that artist Thomas Kinkaid, who recently died did … you know, the pretty cottages and scenery.

Today’s “art” and “entertainment” is of the “Catskills” variety—crude, rude, degenerate and imbicilic. Let’s not forget who to “thank” for this trend—it’s well know that this “style” was first formulated in the Jewish “comedians,” who pushed the line farther and farther.  Outright filth. Of course, for idiocy, you had the “Fine brothers” of the “Three Stooges” fame—to mention only one example.

There are books out now, where you Jews boast of your longtime control over Hollywood and the entertainment business. So I guess we have you Jews to “thank” for what’s presently available?

Don’t confuse this “bonehead” music, as in any form or manner as “National Socialistic”—just because someone slaps on a Swastika, doesn’t make them a National Socialist. The same with these costumed, fantasy groups out there, playing street-theater, like scripted clowns. Your side really ought to pay them for being “Posterboys” of what your propaganda “says” NS supposedly are.

J.P.: Is being a Nazi sorta lonely in 2012? I mean, the country is overwhelmingly ethnic, Chinese restaurants pop up everywhere, we Jews control Hollywood (but don’t blame us for Gigli). It seems like your existence might be increasingly hard to maintain. No?

R.S.: You wish me to honest? Well, for literally decades, yes it was kind of “lonely.” America’s White Workers were fairly well paid, they had jobs, and the country was mostly White—except certain areas, like major cities—which they could pretend didn’t exist, or could stay away from.

I’ll admit, that you can’t make a Revolutionary out of a well-fed, happy materialist. Only a few idealists came along.

But! Now, is the time I have waited for, for so damn long! I won’t go into all the job loss, the Judeo-Capitalist Banksters stealing people’s homes and sending their employment overseas (for good) and the literal “darkening” of America with this ever growing illegal invasion.

Each White generation can expect less than the previous one! Even the “educated” White youth are finding zilch out there. Parents are finding it grimmer to feed or keep a roof over their children’s heads! The “American dream” is quickly turning into a nightmare. Need I go on?

People are more willing to listen to alternatives—any alternative. And we of the American Nazi Party aren’t too stupid. The people are already grumbling about that “one percent”—that’s the first step.They only need pointing out—”who is” that “special elite.”

And don’t think its only “us nazi’s” pointing it out. At OWS protests, negroes have been among the foremost in spreading the Word! Let me “warn” you for what it’s worth: the poor—black, meztizo’s, what have you —have no “great love” for those whom they perceive as their exploiters.  And, it’s not people like me, scraping to get by as they are, who are exploiting them!

Someday, that three percent of the population, who control 90 percent of America’s wealth—might get a surprise at “people coming together” to put an end to evil and corruption. I have more “in common” with a sincere Black Nationalist—let us say—than a Fat Judeo-Capitalist Bankster who wants to steal both our homes!

No, times are getting exciting!


• Can a member of the American Nazi Party be a sports fan and root for, say, LeBron James or Derek Jeter?: Why would they?

• Have you ever thought you were about to die in a plane crash? If so, what do you remember?: My family.

• You have to eat either a taco, an egg roll or a bowl of Matzah ball soup. Which do you choose?: I’ve never had “Matzah ball soup”, but if I was hungry—who cares? I grew up poor … you ever try and eat “pig’s feet”, because they were cheap?

• I was shocked to read your fairly moderate view on gays. Does that go over well with your peers?: What differnce does it make to me or anyone else, what two consenting adults “do” to one another in private? It similar to “religion”—it’s a “personal choice” as long as it isn’t shoved down others faces. A lot of heterosexuals do some pretty disgusting things as well, at least to me.

In the ANP, members may have their own views on certain subjects, but all have accepted ANP policy, or they keep it to themselves. This isn’t a struggle over people’s sex lives, unless they’re child-molesting perverts, who of course we deeply abhore.

• Who are you planning on supporting in the 2012 presidential election?: None. Nothing will change, it will only continue to get worse.

• What do members of the American Nazi Party do for fun?: You’re kidding, right?  Are we still “carcatured” in your mind?

• If you’re trying to win over new members, why a “swastika”? Why not use like a happy face or an ice cream cone? Something more positive?: Just as the Star of David is the symbol of your people–the Swastika is the age-old symbol of ours.

• Is a member of the American Nazi Party allowed to think Halle Berry is really good looking?: Another “chocolate colored white woman”—ie a mullato. If you want to see real negroes, come to Detroit. No Halle Berrys in view.

• Best joke you know?: You’ll expect this—How was copper wire invented? Two Jews were fighting over a penny”. Satisfied? [Writer’s note: L-a-m-e]

• Would you rather take a week’s vacation to Hawaii with Jesse Jackson or streak naked across Yankee Stadium during the World Series?: I would rather be sitting as Chief Justice on a Peoples Court—trying One Percenters of all races—for crimes against the people. Then sentencing them to dig that big cross-country canal by hand with picks and shovels!  LOL.

40 thoughts on “Rocky Suhayda”

  1. I have been with the ANP for almost 4 years and am very proud of that fact. White People have the right to be proud of being White and the ANP is the organization where that occurs. I have been to two national ANP conferences and have had the privilege of hearing Chairman Suhayda speak as many times. Chairman Suhayda is a most knowledgeable and wise man. Chairman Suhayda leads by his example; members of the ANP are expected to be racial activists and I have personally worked over 3,000 pieces of ANP material as an official supporter of the ANP.

  2. I am not surprised at all that Mr. Pearlman treated Chairman Suhayda as fairly as he did. Not all Jews are the enemy. Many are decent people. It’s a pity that the majority of the Jews who suffered during WW II were just “plain folk” who wanted to get along and take care of their families. The ones who deserved a trip to the showers were the ones who escaped because of their ill-gotten wealth obtained through usury, and money shuffling. The only honest way to earn money is to work for it, whether it be blue collar or white collar work. But shuffling money around, buying and selling stock, making loans at exorbitant interest rates and rip off fees, and borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is what has ruined the economy.

    BTW, I am a college graduate, a former high school English teacher, and have never spent a day in jail in my life. Today I own my own business and have many non-White clients, and two Jewish ones.

    Dan Schruender
    West Coast Organizer
    Political Advisory Board Chairman
    American Nazi Party

    1. Dan:

      Are you friggin’ kidding me? “Deserved a trip to the showers”? I initially was going to delete your message (my blog, my right), but kept it, because I think it’s important to point out the true nature of people. I get it—you think some Jews are shifty, money-mongering whores. What makes that a Jewish or non-Jewish characteristic? Are there not Christian money-mongering whores? Black ones? Asian ones? You assign this characteristic to one group, even while admitting “the majority” of us (Jews) do not fit your stereotype. Well, if the majority are OK, why even allow the stereotype? Your leader, Rocky, says he hates the way Hollywood portrays your ilk——yet you do the same thing to Jews. It’s shameful.

      1. Oh, com’on Jeff lighten up. There weren’t ONLY jews in these camps. There was a lot of anti-social gentiles too. Of course its “your blog”, but you’ve acted like a gentleman so far, don’t spoil it over differing opinions. Perhaps you live in a isolated world somewhat, where those whom you come into contact feel like you. I’m afraid that there are many people who feel just as strongly as you do, on certain subjects, with varying degree’s of disagreement and your a little shaken by that. I can imagine that you’ll feel a little “heat” from the ADL-types for even giving us a chance to answer your questions, without modification – I think that shows character and courage on your part. You can’t imagine the hate-mail I receive, not only attacking “me”, but my family and kids – not because I’ve personally done anything wrong – simply “because” I hold views which are deemed to be “unpopular”. Honestly, is thee any group of people more denigrated not for what they currently “DO”, but simply for what they “believe” than National Socialists? For now, it goes with the territory…lol ROCK

      2. Andy, as we speak, this country has TWO MILLION people imprisoned – many for dubious reasons. This system reportedly spends around $30,000 a piece a year to incarcerate them. Tens of millions of Americans exist on a tithe of that, yet their needs are ignored by the wealthy and powerful. Living in poverty is similar to existing in a ‘concentration camp’, there’s no or little hope of ‘excape’, your demeaned and abused by the systemites because your powerless, and death of your soul comes quicker than that of your physical being. America had its ‘concentration camps’ in WWII for the Japanese. Earlier were the Indian ‘reservations’. Don’t tell me that IF ‘America’ had been in the midst of being destroyed, as was NS Germany – that these people wouldn’t have suffered a terrible fate. In fact, the Indians DID. The American peoples hands aren’t all that clean…

  3. I am really ashed of you for posting this. You just legitimized a Nazi. This story will be posted on white power websites. YOUR NAME will come up in Google searches for white supremacists.
    I hope you a proud of yourself. Jeff Pearlman and nazis are forever linked in cyberspace.

    1. Legitimized? Isn’t EVERYONES opinion legitimate? What a hypocrite! In this country there should be places open 24/7, where ANYONE can get a wholesome (not ‘fancy’) meal for FREE. No one should ever go hungery. NO ONE should be homeless, without a roof over their heads. Education and job training should be FREE, or relatively priced, for ANYONE who seeks it. DECENT paying jobs should be created, ala the CCCorps of the 1930’s, rebuilding America’s rapidly crumbling infrastructure… HOW can this be done, per the cost? Stop all the continous WARS, to make the “world safe” for Judeo-Capitalist EXPLOYTATION. TAX the people who have the monies – the 1% who control 90% of America’s wealth. In a decent society, there would be no “billionaires” or “trillionaires”! End the CORRUPTION, and CONTROL by the Wall Street banksters and the political whores who rule over us. National Socialism is for the MANY – NOT – those few, who with their MONEY gather POWER. We are ruled by the wealthy few, who have no problem drafting our children and sending them off to be maimed and killed for THEIR benefit. So, its overdue for THEM as our fellow citizens – to SHARE the PAIN – I firmly believe that a millionaire could “get by”, if they tried really hard. LOL Sincerely, ROCK

      1. You spelled Exploitation wrong you stupid Nazi.
        Instead of all of these EMPTY promises, why don’t you invest in your own education and learn to use spell-check.

  4. Jeff,

    I am glad you posted this interview for two reasons. First, freedom of speech is important. The good ideas will defeat the bad ones. Hopefully. Second, people need to be able to see that these ideas still exist so we can combat them with awareness and with progress.

    The word most commonly used for embracing other cultures is “tolerance.” But tolerance is a shitty word. It suggests that we must merely tolerate, and not fully accept or embrace, our neighbors. It is the weak-ass idea that we are accepting of someone just because we don’t hate or want to kill them. That’s not true. Acceptance, and not just tolerance, is what we need to strive for. “Tolerance” lets people get away with saying “not all Jews are bad” or that only some Jews “deserved a trip to the showers.”

    I have no tolerance for the American Nazi Party because they have no tolerance for me, just like their ancestors had no tolerance for mine. At best, to them, I am one of the plain folk. At worst, I deserve a “trip to the showers.” It’s all fun and games until six million people die.

    1. For me this is the best comment on the message board and sums up perfectly, word for word, my opinion on the matter.
      Freedom of speech and democracy is vital and therefore these sorts of views should be aired and people should then hopefully have the common sense to disregard them.

  5. Here’s the first thing that truly puzzles me about this kind of thinking. Jews are bad. Well, not ALL Jews are bad. Just the ones that deal in money management, investment, loans, basically anything financial. What about all the WASPS that have made billions over the last 2 centuries doing this? I mean, we ARE talking about Banks, right? What about the people who outright stole all their money, or earned it criminally, or worse yet, started wars to gain riches? Were they all Jews? Let’s not forget a very important point—Jews were NOT allowed to own land in most of the European countries they were exiled to by the Spanish. Most became professionals or bankers, which are the only avenues open to you to succeed and gain wealth if you can’t own land. Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Artists. Sound familiar?
    As for Hollywood being profane thanks to the Jews, just remember that for every Eli Roth there is a Charlie Chaplin, just like for every Kevin Smith there’s a John Ford, and for every Sir Mixalot there’s a Duke Ellington. Sacred and profane exists in every nation, every race, every religion, every culture. Singling one group out for blame is the refuge of the small-minded. We need to work together to repair this nation, or we will end up just like the Nazis ended up.

    1. Odd that you are so fixated about the “jews”. Look and read the very last question that I answered – I did condemn criminals of ALL races. The fact is, that we were discussing the “jewish question”, so I answered per relating to them. For White Worker Power! ROCK

  6. If only the Holocaust was real, the entire world would be so much better off today.

    No matter the time in history, location on Earth or people involved the Jew has been a sickness to all Nations they infect.

    Through the jews mouth, the Devil speaks to humanity.

  7. I worked this guy at Garden City Hosiptal, Liv. when I was in high school for 2 years. He was in KKK at that time. As I kid, I would go over his house smoke weed. He had a hot wife who also worked at GC Hospital. I remeber he would open his mail from other KKK friends, they use to wrap in tin foil so the gov’t could not read it. He and the Mgr of the warehouse always fought. For a kid he was cool to work with but he had some extreme ideas. He tried to get me to come over, but all I wanted was to smoke his herb.

  8. There’s a phrase-I’m-paraphrasing that goes like this: It is much better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool, than to open it and have this view confirmed. I’m so happy Mr. Suhayda said EXACTLY what was on his mind. He confirmed everything, let’s put it that way.

  9. Wondering why you claim to be fair, balanced, and honest when you list Mr. Suhayda as “National KKK Chairman” (or very similar) when in fact (as you know) he is not affiliated with the KKK in any way….

  10. A Tulsa Ok resident

    God bless the ANP for trying to bring forth an idea that makes sense in this decadent decaying country. Read Mein Kampf with an open mind and try to overcome the media bias we are constantly fed against National Socialism, you will learn that it isn’t bad or evil at all. Thank you Rocky for “fighting the good fight” for the betterment of all humanity.

  11. Hi:) Thanks for the post; I enjoyed reading it.

    But about “Gigli” …

    It was written and directed by a Mr. Martin Brest, who is listed by Wikipedia as an American Jew.

    So, you can be blamed for that one;)

  12. The way he only lets out subtleties of the violent positions and attempts to cover the racism by popular views about the ruling elite of capitalism in this world is quite horrible. That’s the epitome of the Nazi party of Germany. It emerged as a popular party – albeit hierarchical and fascist- one that was widely supported for it’s promises of social equality. Only, the Nazis took up the same mechanisms as the capitalists in the building of their nation and empire (yes they invaded almost all of Europe so let’s have no more pretending that Nazi Germany was not imperialistic). IBM was the main way they categorized the people they sent to the internment camps, which were (big surprise) also labor camps that supplied their production which definitely afforded a larger profit for those in power.

    Mixing messages of economic equality and anti-capitalism with Racist, anti-immigrant bull shit is the oldest trick in the bag. And in fact, the very website of these people can show the overtness of all of the different forms of Racism and supremacy, as well as a public strategy for people of the party who wish to run for offices of government: “Now, I’m NOT saying that you should campaign at this time as an “Open NS or WN” – in fact, I strongly suggest that you DON’T. You CAN have “whatever platform” you might wish – but, once again – I strongly suggest that you DON’T come across as some “extremist” who “hates XYZ” or who wants to recreate the holohoax…. I’m sure you get my meaning. We’re NOT looking for the NEGATIVE “publicity” – that many of these morons in “the movement” seem to cherish and go out of their way to receive as Big-Bad-Boogiemen. No! Instead, for ONCE in our lives – lets campaign on WHAT we REALLY believe and hold dear in our hearts and minds. Lets cut out the “role” of being Hollywood Extras in some enemy inspired anti-NS/WN propaganda movie – and ACT like we REALLY are! ”

    anyone can check the language here:

    I’m all for economic equality, but I’ll just be a part of the radical left, which is built upon principles of equality rather than racial supremacy (however you try to sugar coat it) of the ANP.

  13. Perlman is a jew. Too bad he didn’t interview me, because I would have told him more direct how nasty, secretive, deceptive and cut throat the Jew agenda is in the USA. Now, people like me from middle class, educated towns are so sick and tired of the bullshit in the USA with homosexuals, jews, blacks and other special interest groups being catered to, that it is time to join the ANP.

    1. Too bad he didn’t interview a Ukrainian where Jews run our nation.. I am for their EXPULSION from Ukraine and as did Jews in general — total expulsion from Ukraine.

  14. I stumbled onto this article after googling “suhayda”, to get further info on him. Suhayda’s answers were straight-forward, honest and non-PC; too lacking in “sophistication” (that would be, “sophistry”) for legacy-media and mainstream media purposes, of course. Then again, that’s exactly what the media is saying about Donald Trump, in dozens of “news articles” (meaning, opinion pieces) appearing in almost all outlets, every single day now in September of 2015.

    But I’m pretty sure the Desired (quasi-communist; or maybe “International Communist”) Narrative being pushed by first-world media and political elites (meaning both here in North America and also in Europe), is finding less and less traction with each year that goes by. All you have to do is look at the sharp increase in popularity of Europe’s various right-wing parties (Geert Wilders; Marine Le Pen et al).

    1. WHITE POWER! Death to the muds!!! RaHoWa!! Death to the “anti-racists” (meaning: anti-WHITE!!!!) What about REVERSE racism???? They have BET and Miss Black America! What if we had WET? Or Miss White America? Or the NAAWP? I’m so sick of this liberal PC culture! And Barack HUSSEIN Obama! A closet MUSLIM! And don’t get me started on ZOG!!!! We need to return to our NATURAL religion! Our WHITE RACE! We need to flee the mud infested cities and suburbs! We need to return to the way our ancestors lived over a thousand years ago in Northern Europe! Hunting and farming and eating natural food! Ben Klassen was right!!! The WORLD IS OURS! RaHoWa!!!!!!!!

  15. It’s so amusing how nearly every White racist assumes that all Black men think White women are some sort of ultimate “prize”, lol! When the opposite is more along the lines of the truth. Most Black men (rich or otherwise) have Black women as wives/girlfriends. While I can find beauty in ALL women, I’ve been married twice. Both times to Black women who I find more attractive than other ethnicities bar NONE!

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