Nazis, Nazis, everywhere Nazis …

This blog has become quite the interesting place. It started with sports fans. Then political fans. Mixes of people and demographics. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Now, Nazis.


The majority of people who have thus far commented on the latest Quaz are either members of the Nazi group or sympathizers. Which sorta sucks, considering I’m a Jewish guy who really detests their message.

But, along those lines, I’m also confused. I still don’t understand why the American Nazi Party even calls itself the American Nazi Party. They don’t hate all Jews, they don’t deny the Holocaust, they say they want a white nation—but seem to willingly acknowledge that it will never, ever, ever happen. They support gay rights and, perhaps only in the privacy of their own dens, root for LeBron James to dunk over Nick Collison.

Which leads me to this conclusion: The American Nazi Party calls itself the American Nazi Party because it’s, well, sorta pathetic. One can be anti-Semetic and anti-black and anti-Asian … without also adopting the friggin’ swastika as its symbol. Literally, the swastika represents one of the most evil men to ever walk to earth; a man who not only supported the death and annihilation of Jews (all Jews—not just the “greedy” ones the current Nazis seem to loathe), but of gays and the mentally handicapped. He desired some sick vision of racial perfection; of an unflawed blue-eyed, fair-haired race of German beauty.

Based off of my multiple e-mail conversations with Rocky, I don’t believe the current Nazis come close to this. They’re, in my opinion, misguided and angry and occasionally sinister, but far from murderous terrorists. An argument can be made that they’re much closer to being Tea Partiers than Nazi Nazis.

Anyhow, it’s weird. And interesting. Right now I’m probably the most popular Jewish blogger among American Nazi Party members.

It’s not a title I’m especially proud of.

8 thoughts on “Nazis, Nazis, everywhere Nazis …”

  1. If you don’t want your blog overrun with Nazis (an entirely reasonable thing), then maybe don’t give them a platform in the form of a massive Q&A with their grand wizard?

  2. Duncan, how can Mr. Pearlmans’ site be “overrun” by National Socialists, when we are supposedly so few in numbers? I don’t believe that Jeff will lose any sleep over a friendly exchange of ideas… Sincerely, ROCK

  3. I think you’re falling for a more friendly “public” face that doesn’t match what they truly believe evidenced by their adoption of Nazism.

    1. Chad — I believe Rocky Suhayda is much more qualified to define his brand of national socialism than you are. He’s made it abundantly clear that he rejects the excesses of the Hitler regime. Just because we pay tribute to Hitler from time to time doesn’t mean we approve of everything he did.

      National socialism is intended to draw from the best aspects of both capitalism and communism, and unite them into a seamless mix. Under national socialism, we would restore the equitable partnership between Wall Street and Main Street that existed during the golden age of the ’50s and ’60s. Our economic instability really emerged when we allowed Wall Street to crush Main Street and hijack the American economy.

      1. I can’t tell if you guys get this or not, but in using the defining symbol of Nazi Germany, and—literally—calling yourselves “Nazis,” it’s pretty impossible to hear your full message—beyond that. I’d suggest, for real impact, changing the name, adopting a different symbol, etc. But that’s just me. And a “Nazi” group probably wouldn’t take advice from a Jew.

      2. There are many parties who purport to have the same goals but there aren’t many who count Nazis as their forebears. While I’m sure you’d like to restore that balance I’m also quite sure you’d like to do so while asserting your racial superiority and constructing various “solutions” for me and other non-whites.

  4. I didn’t read the Quaz because I figure anyone that identifies with Nazi symbols doesn’t deserve my time. I will never be able to take them seriously.
    At least be original.
    The golden age of the 50’s and 60’s was driven by many things we will never go back to such as Price Controls on fuel and subsidies for small gas and oil producers.
    When Reagan eliminated both in ’81 fuel prices began their relentless rise and Happy Days ended, Ozzie and Harriet divorced and My 3 Sons all turned out to be gay.

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