Two Losers: Bob Cohen and George Latimer

I have come to hate Bob Cohen.

I have come to hate George Latimer.

The two men are running for the New York State Senate. At this point, with three weeks until election day, I wouldn’t vote for either man—to clean up the crap my dog leaves besides the road.

I would say, all told, we’ve received between 50 and 60 mailings from either Latimer, Cohen or some awful Super Pac supporting one or the other. To call this shit annoying is to delve into great understatement: It’s fucking maddening. A waste of trees. A waste of money. A waste of time. Worst of all, it’s all nonsense. Upon arriving home this evening, I was greeted by a brochure that says ASSEMBLYMAN GEORGE LATIMER HASN’T DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT—”IT” being a sexual assault coverup. The pamphlet features no return address, and no mention of Cohen or the Republicans. It was created simply to affix a quick connection into our brains—Latimer=sexual assault. Bullshit.

Not that Latimer’s any better. His mailings come all the time. I even called his office to complain, and a woman told me the campaign had only sent out four or five, and the rest were probably from Super Pacs. As if that makes it OK. In a piece from today’s Patch, Cohen accuses Latimer of smearing him in mailings. Latimer’s response: Well, eh, I wasn’t involved in that.

Seriously, I’m losing my mind here. Both candidates have come off as babyish, immature, sad, pathetic, desperate asswipes. I would rather vote for Axl Rose; for Tiki Barber; for Grover Cleveland, knowing he’s dead. I’d rather vote for Frank Sinatra or all the members of Menudo or, hell, my dog, Norma.

Anyone, but Bob Cohen and George Latimer.


7 thoughts on “Two Losers: Bob Cohen and George Latimer”

  1. I’m in Canada so our politics is slightly different than yours in a broad sense, but in both countries it is sad to see that we have devalued the political process so much that it simply comes down to mud slinging and away from what the candidates will actually do for us.

    Sure it is a better overall process than those countries who have dictatorships, but really we get to feel part of a process when there isn’t really much to think about. Which candidate, the lesser of X evils do we get to choose from.

    Hey guys and gals, wake up. What are YOU as a politician going to change that is going to make things better for me, my family and my community.

  2. I am running George Latimer’s campaign and I can tell you we are not clogging up your mail box. We haven’t had the resources. Bob has sent 45 mailers, most negative against George, and also has 5 television spots running simultaneously. Bob has no solutions and George has specific answers to specific problems. I think that the kind of negative campaigning Bob has done is strategic. Bob simply wants to turn off voters just like you and make you sick of politics. That is the only way he can win, because he has no real platform other than saying he will cut taxes, though he doesn’t know how to do it.
    Say something negative and repeat it, repeat it, repeat it. Simple strategy. Bad results.

  3. Vic, I think you just made Jeff’s point. You turn up in the comments section on his blog and can’t help but go negative on Cohen.

    It would be funny if it weren’t kind of sad.

  4. Yeah – going negative sucks. But that’s the reality of our political system. I know Latimer wants to change that and supports clean elections. But as a Dem that is voting for Obama you should be voting for George. Despite all the Bullshit he is the far better candidate in this election. Not to mention the last poll I saw had Catherine Pearlman trailing significantly. A vote for Catherine Pearlman is a vote for Cohen:)
    You should have written in the “really, really hot nanny’s” name

  5. Jeff — in part the problem is — is that no local media in Westchester is covering this race in any meaningful way. The focus is either on the onslaught of out-of-state superpac/teaparty attacks on Latimer — and the converse slumlord attacks on Cohen. In part due to some frustration the lack of substantive media coverage — I decided to take a shot — and posted this to

    and a slightly revised version on the Huffington Post:

    Maybe this helps you avoid abstaining.

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