Stephen Ross to Jonathan Martin: WTF, BFF?

"Hello, is Jonathan home?"

“Hello, is Jonathan home?”

Was watching some Monday Night Football tonight, when halftime came. We were presented with an interview of Stephen Ross, Miami’s owner, via ESPN’s Mike Tirico.

The back and forth was unambiguously lame. Flat questions, flat answers. Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito. Yawns all around. Then, however, Tirico asked Ross whether he’d called Martin, and what Martin had said.

Ross replied that he had, indeed, texted Martin, but never heard back.

Let me write that again, in greater context. Jonathan Martin, Miami Dolphins offensive lineman, leaves the team after feeling harassed and bullied. It’s a big story. A HUGE story. An absolutely ENORMOUS story. And Stephen Ross, owner of the franchise … texts the main guy involved?


Is Stephen Ross my 13-year-old nephew, who texts everything? Is he an immature child? A scared adult? I really can’t get my head around this one—how in the world doesn’t he call Jonathan Martin? As in, speak to him, person to person?

And, along those lines, how didn’t Tirico—a pro—press the point? “Just to get this clear, you never called Jonathan Martin? You merely texted him? Why?”

Really, why?

3 thoughts on “Stephen Ross to Jonathan Martin: WTF, BFF?”

  1. Interviews with NFL owners are remarkably lame. They are shown a deference normally reserved for heads of state. I remember an interview with Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots. There was no, “Hey, Bob, how are things?”. Instead, it was, “Thank you for making time for us, Mr. Kraft, we know you’re busy so we won’t take up too much of your time.” The rest of the “interview” was filled with platitudes, genuflecting, and kissing of rings. Why even bother?

  2. Was wondering why it took you so long to mention this “hazing” issue.
    Maybe I missed an earlier post.
    Considering management/ownership might well be behind the abuse how can you be surprised?

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