Why Winter Sucks

bloodI hate winter.

Like, I really hate winter.

Like, I told my wife today that, come next winter, we can’t be in New York any longer. I want Southern California in the worst way—but I’ll even settle for Florida. I just hate everything about winter, from the cracked skin on my hands to scraping the ice off the car window to shoveling the driveway to the ice-cold kitchen tile to walking the dog at 7 am and having her smell every piece of yellowed white snow while I scream at her to hurry the hell up.

I digress. I hate winter so much that I held a contest on Twitter and Facebook—person who best described why winter sucks wins a signed copy of Sweetness. The winning entry (from roughly 150 folks) came from Dan Balaban. It wasn’t especially snazzy or sexy. But Dan’s take perfectly nailed this thing on the head for me …

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 1.38.06 AMCongrats, Dan. Winter sucks. But at least you snagged a book …

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  1. Try Arizona. The Phoenix area gets hot in the summer, but get a second place in the mountains. ASU would be foolish not to hire someone like yourself and you’ll love Camp Tontozona northeast of Payson. The Mogollon Rim is magnificent and will provide daily inspiration. Oh, and here, we don’t have all that many stoplights. I drive 35 minutes when going to the office, but don’t hit a stoplight for the first 30, and often see some elk or other wildlife.

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