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Christmas Question …

godI have a serious Christmas question, and I mean no offense to Christian readers.

OK, here I go: Every year, at thousands of Christmas masses around the world, prayers are offered for world peace. I mean, literally, these prayers have been repeated over and over and over and over again. They’re stated inside churches, with millions in attendance and, oh, millions more watching on TV. They span the centuries, the decades, the years. They’re uttered by popes and cardinals and priests and nuns and clergy of all sorts.

And it never happens.

By never, I mean—literally—never. World peace has never existed. At least not in the modern history of man. I keep waiting for God to come along and zap the world with peace dust … but, no. Nations fight nations, powerful kill off weak, rich batter poor. We fight and fight and fight and fight—and peace just … doesn’t … happen.

So—and I’m being serious here—why do we keep believing? And asking?

I swear, I’m not trying to belittle. I’m just lost.