Michael Sam II

Just in case you think the world is fully prepared to embrace an openly gay NFL player …

Here’s what I hope: That men like Benjamin Stolen (or whatever his real name) and Don Monroe (or whatever his real name is) and Kenny Haden (or whatever his real name is) apply for jobs. Jobs they desperately want. Jobs they need. I hope their potential employers Google their names. I hope they find my website. This blog post.

And I hope they learn their lessons.

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1 thought on “Michael Sam II”

  1. But Jeff!!! Having to watch a gay guy play football might turn them gay! Or if he dates another man it will ruin traditional marriages everywhere!!!!11111111 OH THE HUMANITY!!!!

    (Since this is an internet comments section, I should clarify that the above is 100% sarcastic. Best wishes to Michael Sam.)

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