The Return of Bruce the Buc?

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So earlier today the world learned that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—an organization that has done little right of late—will unveil its new helmet and logo this Thursday.

I have low expectations. Extremely low expectations. The Buccaneers can’t even find a coach or competent quarterback. Their PR department seems inept, their front office is laughable. The Bucs of Brad Johnson and Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks have become the Bucs of Mike Glennon and 1,001 disposable receivers. They’re not the Cleveland Browns—but they’re inching closer.

Hence, it’s likely the organization will botch this. New color scheme—pink and yellow. New mascot—Captain Hook in a diaper. Something, anything to enhance the franchise’s awfulness.

But … there is hope.

As an old-school football fan whose website leads with this image

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… I’m holding out that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will do the wise thing and return to the coolest uniforms of all time.

The ’70s Bucs were often dreadful, but their uniforms rocked. Initially, people were confused. Creamsicle? Is that even a color? Over time, however, as Steve Spurrier morphed into Doug Williams; as Jerry Eckwood morphed into James Wilder; as players like Ricky Bell and Kevin House and Jimmie Giles and Hugh Green and Lee Roy Selmon emerged as NFL elites, the duds took on lives of their own. I equate it to ballplayers named Stanley. In the real world (as my father will tell you), Stanley is sort of a nerdy name. In sports, however, there are no nerds. Stan Musial was cool. Hell, Stan Belinda was cool. The same goes for Creamsicle. You couldn’t wear old-school Buccaneer colors to high school (on, say, a Polo shirt) and escape sans beating. On the field, though, it worked. It just worked.

So, dear Buccaneers, do us all a favor and return to the past.

Make the right move.