The miners are flippin’ happy—and we’re all dead

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.50.56 PMThe above paragraph appeared in yesterday’s New York Times, and it makes me want to hit people in their noses.

The planet is melting. Sea levels are rising. Drought is becoming increasingly common. By now, the only folks truly denying this are idiots, Republicans and idiot Republicans. I don’t quite understand, unless they have no children or grandchildren. I mean, isn’t this a genuine threat to our future existence? To life?

But, nooooo—we can’t do shit. Why? Because of jobs for miners. For miners!? That’s why politicians in coal-producing states refuse to act on the biggest crisis in the history of the planet. Forget the civil rights era. Forget slavery. Forget women’s lib, gay rights, World War II, the Civil War, the battle for independence. Forgot them all. Because, if shit doesn’t get real fast (and, sadly, I actually think it’s too late), we’re committing suicide.

We. Are. Literally. Allowing. Ourselves. To. Become. Extinct.

For the miners.

Fuckin’ a.

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  1. I legitimately look forward to your next post, in which you discuss how much economic growth you’re willing to forego to stem the effects of climate change. Specific policy prescriptions, and what your predictions for said policy prescriptions, would probably be a part of that. That’s the next part of the discussion; the previous part — casting out the morons for the idiocy — has been done plenty, including on your blog many times.

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