An Ethical Debate


Family went to our favorite nearby dim sum restaurant yesterday. Awesome food, lots of it. Great, great, great.

The restaurant also serves tea. Literally, the waiters place tea kettles on the table.

Toward the end of the meal, one of my relatives broke out her travel mug and filled it with tea. Which led to an interesting debate: Was this OK, or did it violate something?

On the one hand, as she noted, the tea was already on the table, and would probably be thrown out. On the other hand, it just seems a bit … off. The tea is there to be enjoyed—but not to be removed from the premises. Are you really supposed to bring travel mugs into eateries and take drinks to go?


2 thoughts on “An Ethical Debate”

  1. It’s not necessarily the same but when family members used to be on certain diets they would take their own salad dressing into restaurants. That’s also a bit unique. I suppose the tea filler could have just asked if it was OK – does that pass the test?

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