Meow. God loves me more than he loves you …

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 4.22.32 PMI was listening to an interview with Peter Criss earilier today. The former Kiss drummer was talking about his life and music, when the topic of cancer came up. Criss apparently once had cancer, and now he doesn’t, and he’s Catholic, and he feels great and he said … he said … he said …

“I truly believe God cured me.”

I don’t have the full paragraph, but Criss went on to explain that he’s 100-percent convinced God wanted to take a tumor from his body, and therefore did so.


I know I’m supposed to lay off this stuff, but I can’t help myself. As we speak, the girls are still missing in Nigeria. The Gulf of Mexico is coated with oil—and the workers are developing all sorts of skin awfulness. A whopping 1.8 million pounds of beef has been recalled because people are getting sick. The jet is still missing. There’s poverty everywhere; hunger everywhere; famine everywhere. The earth is suffering through the beginnings of climate change awfulness. My neighbor’s son has cancer. The son of an old classmate died if cancer. On and on and on and on …

But God cured Peter Criss.

This is not about God. Really, it isn’t. I get the belief in a higher power. I even get the belief is an afterlife (well, not really. But I’ll be polite). What I can’t stand and can’t digest is when the fortunate among us experience a positive turn—and explain it as God personally wanting their lives to be good ones. As for the millions of others, well, meh.

Did Criss mean this? Was he saying, “I’m better than y’all”? Well, not intentionally. But how else to explain someone believing God had a direct hand in his fate? Does that mean God cares for you more than others? Oh, oh, does he have a plan for everyone—and it just so happens the plan for you, Peter Criss, is a dandy? The Holocaust? Space shuttle explosions? Ethnic cleansing? Well, um, yeah.

Why can’t we all be reasonable about these things? It’s great Peter Criss no longer has cancer, and he should be thrilled. But how about stating the obvious—”I can afford great doctors, I’ve abused my body for decades … and I’m damn lucky.” That doesn’t mean one can’t believe in God.

It just means he’s human. And empathetic.

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