The Worst Ever II

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Friend just called me laughing about the above Tweet, from the turns-everything-he-touches-into-dogshit Chris Broussard of ESPN.

Read it.

Then read it again.

One more time.

Yes, Broussard misspelled “confirms.” But, hey, on Twitter misspellings happen. What I love—love!—is that his “sources” have clearly been wrong, then wrong again, then wrong again. And now, his source confirms that the Sports Illustrated story is correct.

The Sports Illustrated story … written by LeBron James.

Those are some sources, Chris.

3 thoughts on “The Worst Ever II”

  1. Any chance he was joking about sources? Clip I saw at ESPN it almost seemed like they were joking about confirming the sources. Or are they that out to lunch?

  2. Broussard also reported a source told him Deron Williams was going to be with the Nets, 10 minutes after Deron Williams tweeted it himself.

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