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coffee shop, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Well, this is weird. After five full days of driving and driving and driving and driving across America, Robyn Furman and I arrived at LAX, picked the wife up and drove to the new home in Laguna Niguel.

I was told, by several people, that crossing the United States in the ol’ Prius would be a terrible idea. It’d be boring, lame, dull, annoying, time-wasting. Why not just hire someone to move to car? Hook it to a train. Shove it in a truck. Drive? No way in hell …

Well, they were wrong.

It was a blissful experience; one that interconnected the nation in a way a map can’t match. You’re in Arkansas one day, Oklahoma the next. Then New Mexico. And Arizona. The scenery changes. Mountains morph into plains. Accents come and go and come again.

It was one of the greatest adventures of my life.

And now I’m in my new house.

And the fucking toilet leaks.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Here”

  1. In less than 10 years you will have tired of the monotony of the weather, lack of water, never ending traffic and LA egotism and will move to Northern California, Oregon, Colorado, or most anywhere else that has something to offer other than bling.
    At least that is my opinion.
    I have spent a lot of time in LA at first it was kind of fun. After a couple of months I craved nature.

  2. Laguna Niguel. Nice area. Richard Nixon country. Be sure to post about the first time you get stuck in traffic on 5 for forty five minutes and never find out why.

  3. Mr. Pearlman: I enjoyed readying of your east to west journey. We truly do live in a most fascinating country. Someday, maybe years from now, I waited until the age of 63, I urge you to pedal a bike ocean to ocean. It really does become the journey of a lifetime.

    Enjoy Laguna Niguel.

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