Old, old, old, old

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So a few days ago my 14-year-old nephew took the ALS cold water challenge. He posted it on Instagram, and a bunch of his friends commented and LIKED it.

I decided to write something. So I quickly jotted, “If you were really tough, you’d have filled the bucket with miniature sharks.”





And it hit me. I’m old. I mean, it’s hit me before. But I’m old and obsolete. Irrelevant. My hair is turning a tad gray. I need to gym to maintain my weight. I’m so uncool, it stings. I’m the old guy who has his comments deleted by 14-year olds.

Where’s the wheelchair?

1 thought on “Old, old, old, old”

  1. uncle jeffie. this is jordan. im sorry i deleted your comment. your not old and obsolete. i just have a reputation that i would like to retain.

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