Alison Lundergan Grimes is Pathetic

I’m not one to give Fox News much respect, but, well, they’re right about the above video. Absolutely pathetic.

The woman is named Alison Lundergan Grimes, and she’s the Democrat running against Mitch McConnell for a U.S. Senatorial gig in Kentucky. Throughout the race, Grimes has done everything to distance herself from the president. She’s touted her record as a pro-coal, anti-EPA toughie who shoots guns and kicks dogs. But here’s the thing: Although many people are, truly, idiots, a large number aren’t. So when you try and talk around something and around something and around something, well, it shows. And you just wind up looking moronic.

And losing elections.

After hoping Grimes could pull off a win, the DNC has, at long last, pulled funding from Grimes’ campaign. It’s simply too tough of a task—beating the Senate Majority Leader in a Republican state when you’re sort of an empty suit trying to pretend you’re not who you are.

I’m not happy about McConnell winning. He’s the biggest tool in the bag.

But I’m not particularly sad about Grimes’ inevitable defeat.

Because she’s deemed herself unworthy.

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  1. Jeff, why highlight this comment? Who cares. During this same debate McConnell said that Kentucky should be able to keep Kynect and would repeal Obamacare fully. This is impossible since without the ACA there is no Kynect. This lie could affect 100,000s of people. They could lose their healthcare. I know this is a personal blog but instead of highlighting this horrible lie you call out Grimes. Who does her comment hurt? No one. Yet this is the story of the debate the media runs with not the cowardice of McConnell.

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