Huge glasses of water

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.25.54 PM

Earlier this evening, in honor of my son’s eighth birthday, we took a trip down the road to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour. It’s a really cool place tucked inside a mall, where they offer big fat burgers and crazy grilled cheese sandwiches and more dessert than you could imagine.

They also give every patron an enormous glass of water, filled to the brim.

Like the photo above.

I recognize there’s a risk of losing readers here via topic repetition, but, well, whatever. I just don’t understand how, in the midst of the worst drought in state history, people continue to do shit like this. Or, put differently: You’re the manager at the local Farrell’s. You surely know there’s a drought going on. You can’t not be aware of it. So how about halving the waters? Or giving all patrons water in the kid-sized cups (smaller, but certainly good enough)? I can’t imagine being aware of the drought, yet still handing over such huge cups … and then dumping them down the sink when they return halfway filled.

It’s nonsense.

And tragic.

There are parts of California that have run out of water. Literally, there is no more. Bottled water is being brought in. Buckets are being used for bathing. Empty. Done. And yet, a place like Farrell’s serves huge cups. My community’s residents keep watering their yards five … six … seven times per day, 15 minutes a pop. Sprinklers fire everywhere. The nearby car wash remains busy.