Ego Blast

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So this morning I took the kids out for breakfast. We went to a place in Dana Point called Harbor House. Great food. Friendly staff.

We entered, found a booth, looked up at the TV.

And there I was.

So weird.

So surreal.

So … exciting.

It really was. I won’t lie. It really, really was.

And here’s the thing: Why shouldn’t it be? I’ve worked hard to maintain a journalism career. I’ve put in long hours, have held myriad positions, moved to different places. I’m entitled to feel good, right?

In fact, I’m often irked by people who—in the name of trying to appear cool—refuse to acknowledge such feelings. I know a good number of folks who would see themselves on television and offer a casual, “Eh, yeah”—even when, inside, they’re psyched. It’s all about image, and conveying a level of confident apathy that rarely truly exists.

So, yeah, I was excited.

Wouldn’t you be, too?