It’s coming on Christmas …

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Went to Home Depot a few days ago to buy some supplies.

Christmas trees were up.

Went to Costco to load up on breakfast cereal.

Christmas trees and gifts were up.

I’m in New York City as I write this.

This, taken by the great Andy Dallos, is already up …

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I entered my favorite cafe this morning, and I’m pretty sure Joni Mitchell’s “River” was playing. And I love “River.” It’s a great, great, great, great song.

But … still. Already?

And then I thought about it. I truly, deeply thought about it. And here’s the thing: I love Christmas season. I genuinely do. The lights excite me. The buzz gets me. I know it’s long and annoying, and I’m quite certain my kids (now living in a mecca for, well, non-Jews) will tire of hearing variations of, “What the hell is Chanukah?”—as I once did. But, truth be told, Christmas shit is fun. And winter isn’t fun. So if this is what it takes to fill the gap between now and December 25 … well, I suppose I’m OK with it.

Yeah, it’s driven completely by commercialism. It’s all about buying and selling and moving product. There’s nothing organic or original; Christ-like or God-centered.

But the lights are pretty.

And pretty ain’t so bad.

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