Halloween is Awesome

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Really. Awesome.

I know people love Thanksgiving for the togetherness and Easter for the chocolate baskets and Christmas and Chanukah for loads of presents. But no holiday touches Halloween. None.

Why? A million reasons. Earlier today I dressed up as former Kiss drummer Peter Criss—and not one person found that to be strange. Then the kids and I walked house to house to house and collected mounds of candy (and Mounds—period) from people we’d never before met. Then we ate the candy. Again, from strangers. Ate it and ate it and ate it. Oh, and we were passed in the street by Gumby. And The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. And zombies. And witches. And it was cool. And fun. And sassy.

On Halloween, there is no heaven or hell; no guilt; no repentance. You don’t have to pray or ask God for forgiveness. You don’t have to fast or feel sorry for all the awful things you’ve done. Nope, you just hang out with friends, then cap it off with a buffet of sugar.

I see no negatives to Halloween.

Only joy.

And sugar.

And love.

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