Held hostage by a newspaper

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I moved to Orange County a few months ago. I hadn’t been a print newspaper subscriber for quite some time, but I signed up to receive the Orange County Register for a weird reason: I took my kids to an Angels game, and there was a woman sitting at a table inside the stadium, peddling print subscriptions. I felt awful for her because nobody approached. So I went up to chat, felt even more guilty—and signed up for a cheap two-month print subscription. Have actually sort of enjoyed the paper. The sports guys are clearly busting their asses, and the work is strong. The news is v-e-r-y thin, the paper is more inserts than content, etc.

But here’s the weird thing: I recently went away for a few days, and I called to put my delivery on hold. And I could not reach anyone. I called, I e-mailed—nothing. Like, I could not suspend delivery because nobody was available to suspend delivery.

I’m now trying to cancel my subscription—and the newspaper won’t let me. I’m being held captive by a dying newspaper. Seriously. I’ve called, left messages, e-mailed—no reply. Today I even went to do it via online chat … but you can see that (didn’t) work out.

I feel awful for the employees, because they’re clearly working hard, employed by a sinking ship. The whole situation sucks.

And now I’m getting a paper I no longer want.

And I’m fucking paying for it.

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  1. i got sports illustrated for four years free after i “cancelled” my subscription. then i moved. maybe the new tenant is still getting it?

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