Rookie Mistake

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We’re still pretty new to Southern California, which means the whole establishing relationships thing is a work in progress. This can lead to some bad moments. For example …

I’m not a religious guy, but the wife and I believe the whole cultural thing is important. Plus, next year my daughter has her Bat Mitzvah. So, well, one can’t really have a Bat Mitzvah without a synagogue. Hence, we joined one. A nice one. Chill, laid back, Hebrew school once per week, for just three hours.

Anyhow, one of the leaders of the Hebrew school is a perky woman with a big smile. She sent some early advisory e-mails, and I complimented her on one of the notices. “Thanks so much,” she said. “Sometimes I worry I send too many e-mails.”

As if on cue, the e-mails began to rain from the sky. Three, maybe four per week. About this synagogue issue, that synagogue issue. And, truthfully, I don’t give a shit. Hell, I don’t even believe in God. I just want my kids to be educated on their people’s history, then make whatever spiritual decisions they so choose.

So, being dumb, I replied to one of her e-mails, noting that, just maybe, she’s losing her audience by sending too many notes.

She hasn’t said three words to me since.

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