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The above image is the Twitter homepage for Darlin’ Deb (aka Debra Panalto). She’s a Christian, a conservative and she loves God, her Glock and Jesus Christ. You can follow here here.

Over the past couple of days, in the wake of the 47 Republican Senators writing their letter to Iran, I’ve engaged in some exchanges with Deb. I’m not sure how, exactly, this has happened. Twitter is a weird place, where you just sorta find people, and chat and argue and debate and stew. All within 140 characters. And it can be fascinating/frustrating. For me. For people who believe as Deb do. Because you just don’t understand—like, truly don’t understand—how the other person can feel as he/she does. I mean, you know you’re right. Like, you’re 100-percent certain you’re right. Which is weird, because your opponent is also 100-percent he/she is right. Logically, someone has to be wrong. Or, perhaps not. The line between opinion and fact can be very thin. Like a thread.

Anyhow, I’ve got no beef with Deb, and I’m using her today simply because we’ve been chatting. But, to me, she symbolizes something that I just can’t grasp and struggle to fully understand. First, she’s a person who seems to truly despise Barack Obama. Like, she doesn’t just dislike his policies, or disagree with his takes. She sees him as a Satanic-like figure; so awful that it’s fair to use images comparing him to Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler. Like this one, which she posted …

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And this perplexes me, because I don’t grasp where the anger comes from. Obviously, the country isn’t perfect, and there are myriad criticisms of Obama that seem just. But it’s also true that, during his term, the economy has gone from disastrous under George W. Bush to increasingly strong. He was also in office when Osama bin Laden was killed by American forces, when the United State auto industry was saved from the brink of near-extinction, when gays were finally granted the right to serve openly in the armed forces. Just like all presidents, he’s had a slew of accomplishments and a slew of shortcomings (personal note: how is Gitmo still open?).

But, to folks like Deb, Obama clearly hates America. Hates it, wants it destroyed. She sees him, and the blood boils. And, again, I don’t understand. Is it because he doesn’t believe in infusing religion in government? Is it because you believe him to be a Kenyan Muslim? Is it because he doesn’t believe we should have unlimited gun access? Is it because he doesn’t cooperate with elected Republicans (a fair criticism, though the door swings both ways). Is it because he wants to negotiate with Iran?

So … that’s where I am. Sort of sad, because there’s this huge philosophical divide between one ideal and another, and it seems unbridgeable. Like, no matter what I say or what science shows, climate change—to Deb’s side—either doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem. Like, no matter what I say or what he says, Obama—to Deb’s side—is against fair justice for all. Like, no matter what I say or what statistics show, gun violence is a real problem in this nation; not one solved by (hey!) more guns.

We’re just destined to disagree and have our own views on the United States of America.

It sorta sucks.

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  1. I think a huge part of the problem is media manipulation from both sides.
    You would think that with our technology people would be more capable of looking at all the facts and find a reasonable solution.
    With subtleties the press easily manipulates us.
    I really noticed this during the Bush/Gore debates having seen the pictures two different papers showed (one conservative, one liberal, both guilty). I was doing a lot of portraiture at the time.
    As you recall that was my issue with Ferguson (unarmed black teen, just a kid wanting to get a smoke).
    Both sides manipulate people into seeing issues that are not there.
    With Deb you have press manipulation (Fox is just the biggest) combined with friends and her church manipulation. Many churches like to preach that the biggest threat to our Nation is homosexuality because that is what destroyed Sodom. It wasn’t. You are not going to get a, “Gee that’s great Gays are getting equality”, reply from her. It will just hit all of her defensive modes.
    What gets me is that no one seems to notice the similarity between the Tea Party platform and the actual sin of Sodom.
    Obama Care, Welfare, Food Stamps…etc are programs that strengthen the poor and needy.
    These are programs the GOP wants to cut and/or eliminate.
    I often show them this passage, which identifies the Sin of Sodom as the GOP/Tea Party platform.

    Ezekiel 16:49
    Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.

    They can’t understand what this verse is saying while they are so locked into their beliefs.

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