Megan Crosby: Not Cool

Megan Crosby is the junior catcher for the Needville High School softball team.

In the Texas Class 4A state championship game last week, she did some dirty shit. Just watch the above video, as Crosby twice—twice!—elbows Huffman players as they cross the plate.

I’m not in the business of destroying high school kids because, well, they’re high school kids. But if you’re the Needville High coach, or the Needville High principal, you have to:

A. Suspend Crosby a couple of days, or at least make her miss a week of next season.

B. Call her parents in and make certain they understand you don’t do this sort of thing.

C. Call Huffman High’s principal, head coach, as well as the two players who were elbowed, an apologize.

But here’s the thing … none of that will happen. Why? First, because Texas is the land of the insane. Second, because Texas is the land of the insane—especially when it comes to sports. Third, because there are certainly a large number of Needville backers who truly believe Crosby did nothing wrong; that she was showing the heart and drive of a champion; that this is how you win; that catcher is a rugged position; that winners win—feelings and pain be damned.

Which, of course, sucks. Because one day Megan Crosby will be a parent. And she’ll applaud as her daughter or son behaves the same exact way.