Chloe and the coffee

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.49.28 AM

Am working in the local Panera this morning. Went to the register to buy a cup of coffee. Chloe was at the register. I don’t know Chloe, but her name-tag said CHLOE. So I called her Chloe.

“I have a free coffee on my card,” she said. “So no charge.”

“Chloe, that’s so nice,” I said. “Thanks.”

A few moments earlier I had gone to See’s, a local candy store with the world’s most awesome lollipops. Two were in my pocket—one cafe latte, one caramel. As I poured the milk and sugar into my cup, I realized I had the sweets. I pulled one out, approached Chloe. “You know See’s?” I said.

“Sure,” she replied.

“So, they have the best lollipops. I just bought a whole box. I want you to have one.”

I extended the lollipop. She took it. Said, “Thanks.”

It would not be an exaggeration to say her face screamed, “You are the creepiest person I have met in some time, and as soon as you turn around I will be throwing this into the garbage and alerting my supervisor.”

Oh, well.