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Dwight Robinson is a Christian

Robinson, second from left, being sworn in to the board of smog lovers.
Robinson, second from left, being sworn in to the board of smog lovers.

The man above is Dwight Robinson. He is a Christian.

It’s right here, in his bio on the South Coast Air Quality Management District website. Dwight is a Sunday school teacher, meaning he (presumably) teaches young boys and girls the values dictated by the Bible and the words and etchings of Jesus Christ.

Which is funny, because Dwight Robinson and his guys don’t seem to be behaving in a particularly Christ-like way.

In case you missed this one, a few days ago the South Coast Air Quality Management District board, which is based in Southern California, fired Barry Wallerstein, its longtime (and well-respected) leader and, in the words of the Los Angeles Times, reaffirmed “new smog rules backed by oil refineries and other major polluters.” This came one month after Republicans took control of the board and promised to be friendlier to industry.

Robinson, one of Orange County’s 17 billion (ironically identified) self-professed Christians who seem to care nary an iota about God’s planet, is a new Republican board member and a man who recently said, “With every rule-making and regulation we need to be looking at the economic impact as well as the environmental impacts.” He also happens to be a supporter of Ted Cruz, the GOP presidential candidate who, quite literally, does not believe that climate change is a problem. So, on a local level, you have an official responsible for keeping our air clean, and he’s backing the man who doesn’t think our biggest environmental challenge even exists. It’s not hard to read between the lines here. Namely—Planet? Meh. Let’s party!

Here’s the thing that always gets me: Robinson is a father of three, including a boy named Micah, who is only 4. Why, oh why, would he behave in such a manner? Does he want his kids breathing in crap air? Is he OK with his kids potentially inhaling harmful chemicals in the name of economic development? Does he like the idea of black smoke; of airborne chemicals; of particles of crud? Has he not seen what happened in Flint? What happens all over this country when corporations are granted the leeway of minimal regulations?

Does he not care?

Or am I missing something?