Why I blog about politics

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Anyone who visits this site or follows me on Twitter knows I’m passionate about politics and, in particular, passionate in my absolute disgust with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

I write about it and write about it and write about it some more, to the point where some friends and relatives have said, “You know, Trump supporters buy books, too.”

My two responses:

• 1. I’m not entirely sure they do.

• 2. So?

Let’s focus on the second. So? Yes, I know Trump’s supporters buy books. And I know, by thrashing Trump’s presidential bid, I’m probably losing future sales. But I just can’t help myself. I have this space, and I have this platform, and it’s not in me to be a guy who simply concerns himself with commerce. I’m not that person. Which isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with folks who are that person. But it’s not me, and probably never will be. The idea of President Donald Trump terrifies me, as it should terrify you. Books, schmooks—this is far more important.

And since we’re on the subject, if you are backing Donald Trump—please stop and take a look around. Listen to the language he’s using. The scapegoating. The xenophobia. The crudeness. The mocking. This is not who we are as a country; certainly not who we should be. America doesn’t need to be “great again”—America is great right now. Truly, it’s a magnificent land of opportunity, and while there are always enormous problems, this is not the man to solve them.

Also, how about digging into Donald Trump’s history? I know … I know—”he’s a deal maker who gets things done.” OK, sure. But he’s also a con who lied under oath (the NFL never offered him a franchise), slabbed his name on a bullshit “college” and—nationalistic blatherings be damned—has routinely bypassed American workers for cheaper labor.

Ugh, here I go again.

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5 thoughts on “Why I blog about politics”

  1. Simply making it about Trump is very disingenuous. You hate all right wingers. Going back as far as the blog started. I get that you are very far left. On the Bernie/Communist side but to make it about Trump is not right. You have actively trashed Republicans and anyone prolife, pro god, pro guns, etc. As a right winger I get a chuckle out of your socialist views but I won’t lie and say it doesn’t affect how I view your books.

    Let’s just say we all know this USFL book will be very anti Trump and will turn into a bash him at all costs thing. That’s the price you pay.

    1. Ok to associate Bernie with communism is insane. There is a reason to dislike all the right wingers. They are all nuts. (politicians that is). Although I suspect some common folk as well. Go follow some one like blogger Ed Brayton. Even though he has his opinions he does link to what these people are saying when they are not being some what moderate when on the Sunday shows. Although if you read Charlie Pierce they still come off as goofy. There is no reason being pro god if that is your want, But they shouldn’t be shoving it in every ones face. Complain about taking prayer out school when that is not the case. Individuals can pray all they want but not at the behest of teachers. Same goes for saying the pledge of allegiance. Wish they would stop doing that too. Not too mention singing the anthem at sporting events. I have been saying a while that most of the problems comes down to money and how the government basically gives it away to the rich. With that read Perfectly Legal, Free Lunch and Fine Print by David Cay Johnston. Follow him on line. If you read those books I think you would be really depressed.

      1. I never fail to be amazed at how adept the “right” has been in framing the terms and vocabulary of our political discourse. What people regard as “left wing” today is what would have been considered centrist just a generation or 2 ago. What is considered “centrist” or “moderate” today would have been arch-conservative. Yet, our so-called “liberal media” go along with this manipulation. I mean, just for example, John Kasich is now being held out as a shining example of “sane,” “moderate” Republicanism. A couple of decades ago he would have been characterized, correctly, as a right-wing fringe dweller.

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