Kobe Bryant’s final game is not history

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I’m reading all over Twitter and Facebook how Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game this evening is history.

Um, no.

First, you can’t declare something historic before it happens. That makes no sense. Maybe it seems like it could, one day, be historic. But nothing has happened yet. Therefore, history hasn’t been made. Plus, you don’t “make” history. History makes itself. Was Michael Jordan’s final game as a Washington Wizard historic? Some would argue yes—but many, many, many more barely remember it. Was 9.11.01 historic? Of course. But nobody would have labeled it such at 6:30 that morning. Again, history can’t be called history until it’s history.

Which leads me to the second point …

I guess Kobe Bryant’s career has been historic. He’s won five NBA titles, he’s an all-time elite player, he’s (an argument can be made) helped influence stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. But I’m not sure a faded basketball player completing his career with a final outing makes the event, itself, worthy of the “historic” tab. Wars are historic, monumental decisions are important. Roe v. Wade—historic. The decision to invade Iraq in 2003—historic. The death of Ronald Reagan—historic.

Kobe Bryant shooting 7 for 26 in a meaningless 82nd contest of the 2016 NBA season?

Merely noteworthy.

2 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant’s final game is not history”

  1. I didn’t care at all about Kobe’s so called historic game.
    The real historic game was Golden State win #73.
    Icing on the cake was Curry hitting his 400th 3 pointer for the season.
    I don’t usually root for GS but to beat the Bulls record was pretty neat.
    …now if they can just lose to Portland.

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