Barack Obama and HIV Soldiers

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So earlier this afternoon, in a mistake I make approximately once per week, I got into a Donald Trump-themed debate with a former U.S. Marine named Marshall. He loves the celebrity TV show host and failed steak salesman, but believes Barack Obama has it in for U.S. soldiers.

Marshall responded to something I posted about Trump, and we proceeded to go back and forth. I ultimately asked him why, exactly, he thought Barack Obama hated the military, and this was his answer …

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I noted that his “social experiment” was allowing gays to serve openly. To which we had this exchange (read from bottom up) …

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.27.09 AMAnd, with his last words there, I thought to myself, “I can’t win. And maybe, just maybe, Hillary Clinton can’t win either.” Because while numbheads like Marshall don’t make up the entirety of Donald Trump’s supporters, they do add up to a huge figure. These are people who won’t be swayed. Not by reason or logic; not by strong arguments; not by one Trump flaw after another. He is their candidate, and he will make America great again—motherfucker. And if you dare question a guy like Marshall (for example, you note that his thinking (gays shouldn’t serve because they might have AIDS, and if they do, and they’re shot in combat, and you swim in their blood you might contract the virus) is beyond inane, well, fuck you. You’re a typical liberal asshole who reads the Times and drinks herbal tea.

And, really, what’s my counter? I use big words, he says I’m some arrogant asshole. I cite the Times, I’m an elitist. I defend Obama, I’m a sack of shit. I mention that George W. Bush was awful to the military, hey, that was Clinton’s fault. It’s the ultimate political trap.

It sucks.