I was thinking about something just now, and many of you won’t agree.

Namely, I think we’ve become a country of pussies.

I know … I know—”pussy” is a derogatory term. And I don’t mean it as such, in the literally bullshit way. I’m thinking back to boyhood, when kids—not even knowing what a pussy actually was (or meant)—would use the word to describe someone who wouldn’t enter a dark building, or wouldn’t ask a girl out. “Pearl, stop being a pussy and talk to her …”


“You’re not talking …”

OK … fine.

“God, you’re such a pussy.”

We’ve become a bunch of pussies. See, there are these refugees. And we can help them. Actually, “help” is the wrong word. We can save them. From terror. From waywardness. From death. We, the great United States of America, have a chance to do what we do best—spread justice and liberty; to open our arms wide and accept and embrace those who need us at their lowest moments.

But, no, we’re not that country any longer. Why? Because we’re a bunch of pussies. Because terrorism has turned us into a nation of cowardly xenophobic spores. Now we see people with brownish skin and unfamiliar languages from faraway lands and immediately think, “Terrorist.” We lock the door and throw away the key. We prejudge. We presume. We no longer aspire to help, because helping leaves us vulnerable. And vulnerability isn’t America’s bag in 2016.

Shame on us.

I hear people like Donald Trump talking tough, and I think, “You’re such a fucking pussy. You, with your silver spoon and your $2,000 loafers and your ridiculous haircut. Have you ever been to the inner-city of anywhere? Trenton? Gary? Do you know what it’s like to scrap for food? Do you know how it feels to be dislodged from your home? Hell, do you even care? You, with your orange glow and your golf resorts. Do you have any empathy? For anyone? Ever?”

We’re following this man’s lead, and it’s a phenomenal thing. Make America great again? How does closing our borders do that? How does cutting back on First Amendment rights do that? How does ripping federal judges for their ethnicity do that? How does mocking POWs do that? You are a man of no moral compass, taking advantage of followers who seem to lack the curiosity to understand the depths of your awfulness.

You are a pussy.

And, by default, so are we.