Oxford and Jerks

So a bunch of months ago, for my final masters degree project, I did a documentary film called Book Whore.

It was all about the lengths authors go through to pimp books, and it was shockingly joyful. I loved every minute, learned a lot, truly dug the process.

Anyhow, just for kicks I entered Book Whore for consideration to a small handful of film festivals. I knew it was a super longshot. Like, the film is severely flawed and done by an amateur non-filmmaker on an iPhone. But, still, it cost about $10 a pop to submit. So … I submitted.

Yesterday I was officially rejected by the Oxford (Miss.) Film Festival. They sent me this e-mail, which was fair and kind and fine …

You will receive an official notification on December 1 on Film Freeway but we want to thank you for submitting your project to the Oxford Film Festival. There is just no way to make this less of a bummer for you, we know that. Unfortunately, we are not able to include it in our program this year. 
Unfortunately, we are limited by a budget and space so we can only select a portion of the films we enjoy to play in February. As a filmmaker, I know that does not make you feel any better as I have received rejections myself. But know that we did enjoy seeing your film and know you will find the right fit in other festivals. 
If you would like feedback from the screeners on your film, please email me and I am happy to share that information with you.
Thank you again for sharing your project with us. 
For those of you that submitted more than one project, you will unfortunately receive a message for each film, so please check on which films were accepted and which were not. 

So, of course, I asked for the feedback. Because … why not? And it was mostly cool and kosher. There were 10 judges, scoring on a scale of 1-to-10. I received:












It’s a weird totaling, not unlike the Leonard-Hagler scorecard. I probably would have given me a 5 or 6. The woman also sent along comments. Some loved the film, some liked the film, some took issue with the film. There was a lot of good advice offered, mainly about sound quality, tone, etc. And then, lastly, there was this. It has to be from the person who gave me a 1.8 …

Hmm … “Book Whore,” a film about the difficulties in selling books today or a self-indulgent venture by Jeff Pearlman. Perhaps Pearlman’s books are difficult to sale [sic] because they are as random and boring as this film.

Now, I am, admittedly, thin-skinned. But not about this. Again, it was an end-of-semester project that was fun and quirky. Nothing more. What I will say, however, is I loathe people who anonymously write comments like the one above. A. Who the fuck are you? B. You can’t give me something constructive? C. Who the fuck are you? D. The power of anonymity.


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  1. What I find most disconcerting in comments, made anonymously or not, are the errors made in grammar, punctuation, syntax, and spelling.

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