Donald Trump has made me ashamed to be an American


One is not supposed to be ashamed of his country.

I mean, we can be ashamed by acts, yes. By atrocities. By tragedies. By wrongdoing. There are moments that rightly bestow shame upon us.

But ashamed of the United States of America? As a whole? Never.

Until now.

I hate to say this. I mean, I REALLY hate to say this. But I am ashamed to be an American. I am ashamed that so many of us were conned by a fraud, and now we have a fraud as the soon-to-be president. I am ashamed that so many people overlooked his xenophobia, his racism, his sexism. I am ashamed that our next commander in chief is perfectly fine with mocking POWs, the disabled, the media, women, Mexicans, Muslims. And, now, the CIA. Donald Trump is devoting himself to throwing intelligence officers under the bus—because he does not like what they are saying.

Truly, I am ashamed that this incurious, poorly-read, street corner huckster will now reside in the Oval Office. I hate that his ego is fed. I hate that people will salute him. I hate that Hail to the Chief will be his tune. I hate that rural whites in need of health care voted for him by the thousands and will now, in all probability, lose their health care. I hate that coal workers believe Donald Trump will bring coal back. I hate everything about this man. And not because he won, or because Hillary Clinton lost. No, I hate everything about this man because he is a child. He doesn’t care about your welfare, and he doesn’t care about my welfare.

We rewarded a low-life narcissist with the honor of leading and protecting our country.

I am ashamed.

PS: And what the fuck is this?


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