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I love learning new words. Especially if they’re new and awesome words.

Like today, for instance. I Tweeted something that wasn’t received, eh, so well, and a woman named Liz Booth replied with the following …


Now, if you write long enough, you’re promised to get called every adjective (and created adjective) in the book. Dick. Asshole. Fucker. Fuckface. Motherfucker. Dickwad. Wad o’ dick. Cumsucker. Cumchewer. Cumsuckingchewer. On and on. But, until three hours ago, I’d never heard “bellend” before.

So I looked it up here. And, well …


I don’t think of myself as a bellend, but … damn. Grrrreeeeaaaaaaatttttt word.

My vocabulary has been forever transformed.