Are you a person who easily falls for bullshit?


Generally, when one writes a headline atop a blog post, he should not also include that line in the lede. But, here, I’ll make an exception and ask—are you a person who easily falls for bullshit?

I am not, and for this I thank my mother, a former probation officer who can smell out bullshit from five miles away. When I was a kid, Mom and I would take these long spring and summer walks around our neighborhood, and she would explain to me how things work, how things don’t work, who to believe and how to tell whether something is believable.

I bring this up because, as I sit here on the night of Jan. 10, 2017, I am dumbfounded by the sheer number of Americans who either can’t—or simply refuse—to smell bullshit.

In case you missed this, a few hours ago a report from Buzzfeed News came out that tied Donald Trump to Russia, tied Donald Trump to weird sexual acts and tied Donald Trump to a whole bunch of things that are presidential eliminators. The actual meat of the piece was material supplied from a British intelligence official, and no one knows for sure whether the information is 100 percent correct, somewhat correct or not correct at all.

Here, of course, is how Trump reacted, via his favorite medium …


Now, I have no idea whether Trump is telling the truth. I suspect he’s not, because he pretty much never tells the truth. Hell, I’m not even sure if he recognizes the truth as an entity. But whether he is or not, well—go fuck yourself, you orange piece of trash.

A “total political witch hunt!”? Really. Is that what this is? As opposed to you spending five years on proving Barack Obama was a Kenyan Muslim? What, exactly, was that? Seriously, please tell me. Or, better yet, address that during tomorrow’s press conference. Someone PLEASE ask this simple question: “Mr. President-elect, you referred to yesterday’s Buzzfeed information as a ‘political witch hunt.’ Yet you spent five years trying to prove the president was a Kenyan Muslim. How is this different?”

Then drop the mic and walk off …

3 thoughts on “Are you a person who easily falls for bullshit?”

  1. You know what his surrogates say, “Don’t take everything he says literally”. So applying that to his denial of that CIA report …

  2. Prior to the election, I read an article (I think on Salon) that emphatically stated this. He is a BS-er. Facts are irrelevant. Truth is irrelevant. Even lies are irrelevant. Everything that comes out of mouth is BS, because he is intellectually incapable of forming thoughts into words into actual statements that have a purpose. He is a carnival barker 24-seven.

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