I just humiliated my daughter

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My daughter Casey is 13, and her favorite band is Green Day.

She knows all their songs.

She owns a couple of Green Day T-shirts.

She loves Green Day.

A few moments ago I dropped Casey and a friend off at a bowling alley. There was a kid standing outside the bowling alley, maybe a few years older than Casey. He was wearing a black Green Day T-shirt. Casey’s window was open. “Hey, great shirt!” I yelled. “That’s her favorite band.”

I looked at Casey. She was mortified.

“Did I just embarrass you?” I said.

“Yes,” she said, climbing out of the car. The guy in the T-shirt was still there, looking nearly as horrified as my daughter.

“OK,” I said, yelling quite loudly. “Sweetie, have a great time!”

I love the power of fatherhood.