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You fell for it

Alleged photo of Rudolph after he was found.


Earlier this evening, while working out at the gym, I found myself reading the post-inauguration comments of certain people from my hometown of Mahopac, N.Y.

It was stuff like this, in relation to the protesters …

That’s what liberals do and that’s who Obummer and KILLARY supports. That’s why they lost BIG !!!!!

And this …

I’m so proud that we the people spoke up and reclaimed our country. I have goosebumps !

And … I’m sick.

Truly sick.

I don’t know what to make of Donald J. Trump; whether he’s the end of America as we know it or merely an ugly little blip on the radar. Perhaps we’ll look back at his seven months in office and say, “Thank God we went through that necessary eye-opening nightmare.” Or perhaps we’ll look back at his eight years in office and say, “That’s when we became a military state.” What I am certain of—truly certain of—is that we will not look back and say, “Boy, he brought this nation together” or “Boy, that was a prosperous time.” He’s turned those statements into impossibilities, with his divisive rhetoric; with his hatred; with his stirrings of Hitler-esque cries for nationalism.

I digress.

The people from my hometown don’t seem to get it. This isn’t their president. He’s not one who looks out for the little guy; who has shown an interest in small businesses; who wants people to rise. His calling has always been greed; has always been narcissism. To expect those to change is illogical.

To expect anything but a nightmare is nonsensical.