The new, better-than-ever Muslim non-ban ban

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According to multiple news sources, tomorrow the †rump administration will bring forth its new, better-than-ever ban on foreigners trying to enter the country.

This one, unlike the original disaster, will—to borrow from Annie—shine like the top of the Chrysler Building. First, it won’t include Iraq among the banned nations because, upon further review, including Iraq was a uniquely stupid idea. The ban will stop all refugee admissions to the U.S., but—bright side!—will not affect people with green cards or those holding a valid visa.

Because our 45th president has proven himself to be dumb, uninformed, ignorant, indifferent and callous, he will surely bash all those who stand in the way of enforcement. That being said, it is very important we stand in the way of enforcement. To be clear, this is not a general ban, but a Muslim ban. That’s precisely what Trump called for during the campaign, and it’s what he’s implementing now. Only, because he’s a fraud and coward and a conman, Trump won’t call it a “Muslim ban.” in fact, he loves the Muslim people! Lots of friends! Great people!

Except for the millions who want to enter America and rape our children. Cough. Cough.

What we learned from the first failed rollout of the ban is that the voices of the United States matter. I attended the original protest at Los Angeles International Airport, and it was electric. A month later, we need that electricity once again. We need to fight, yell, march, protest, scream, rant. Whatever it takes.

This is not a ban.

It is a religious ban.

It’s also a test of who we, as a people, aspire to be.