Yes! Let’s shrink the government!

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In case you have yet to see this, the Trump Administration is about to slice and dice the size of the government, to which far-right conservatives will yell, “YES!”

Until the far-right conservative realizes his brother works for a government agency and is about to lose his job.

Until the far-right conservative realizes he’s about to lose his health coverage.

Until the far-right conservative realizes that road—the one with all the potholes—will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be paved.

Until the far-right conservative learns that his local stream—the one his kids cup their hands and drink from—is filled with coal ash.

Until the far-right conservative realizes his son’s third grade class will be merged with a second grade class to save money on teachers.

Until …

See—that’s the thing. Everyone loves the idea of small government, until the government starts shrinking and the only things left are military (for an already overstuffed budget) and homeland security (warning: the Muslamists are watching you).

Then you realize.

Then you see.