Props to Thomas Massie

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There is a Kentucky congressman named Thomas Massie, and I agree with him on almost nothing.

Massie is staunchly pro-life and pro-gun. He’s v-e-r-y fiscally conservative and against states adopting federal education standards. He backed Keystone, is against funding renewable energy (odd for a smart man who graduated from MIT), does not believe in federal regulations of greenhouse gas emissions.

Again, he and I share few-to-no commonalities.

And yet, at this hour I find myself admiring Massie. In case you missed it, yesterday the congressman fired off the above Tweet, insisting he would not vote for the health care plan put forth by the Trump Administration. Now, Massie’s reasoning is (in my opinion) warped and callous. He actually wants the insurance industry to face fewer requirements, not more. But whatever the case, Massie is at least putting himself out there and showing some spine.

Throughout his history, first as a businessman and now as president, Donald Trump has won via bullying. His modus is to run over people, embarrass people, mock people, harass people—until they cower and give it. It will ultimately be, I believe, the undoing of many well-intentioned conservatives, who surrender they convictions in order to take marching orders from a conman.

Massie recently met with Trump. He heard the sales pitch. He’s seen the thuggery. And, yet, he’s voting against the president of the United States.

That’s conviction.