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Am very excited to announce the release of my eighth book, written with my childhood hero, former Jets and Saints quarterback Richard Todd.

Please forgive the informality of this announcement. I don’t love drawing attention to my projects, but my publishing company insists.

Really feel good about this one.

I don’t know who to thank, but I’ll start with Richard, who shared his life story with me and gave me access to his incredible collection of materials.

Let me say, also, that the Jets were incredibly helpful. So big thanks to Gang Green.

For readers who would like a signed copy, just hit me up via the contact form.

Only 500 books will be available for singings.

Or, perhaps, more if we run out.

Let me know what you think. Please.

So … yeah. Much appreciation.

3 thoughts on “My new book”

  1. Jeff – Am so excited that someone is finally tackling this story. Frankly, I’ve always felt like Richard Todd’s talent, while universally celebrated when he was still playing, has been over-looked by the public and pundits ever since. Aside from his undeniable athletic gifts, his determination and ability to overcome obstacles that would have crushed most ordinary people, has become the stuff of legend among those who cared to learn about his past. I applaud you for taking on what was undoubtedly a difficult and seemingly quixotic journey into the heart of a champion. Can’t wait to read your latest about another all-time great.

  2. Jeff – How can I get my hands on this book? I grew up a Richard Todd fan, through all the ups and downs. He had so much to overcome… the shadow of Namath, the Robinson rivalry… taking to Jets fans to back-to-back playoff seasons. And when Todd was traded to the Saints, I shifted allegiances and followed Todd and became a New Orleans fan.

    I would really love to read this work. I hesitate to leave a email address on this board but will do whatever I can to link up.


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