We are hopeless

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There were three major shootings in America today.

One in Virginia.

One in San Francisco.

One in Brooklyn.

We will do nothing about them.

Oh, wait. Time out. We will do something about them. We will issues hopes and prayers.

Hopes and prayers.

Hopes and prayers.

Then, after the hopes and prayers, and after liberals blame conservatives and conservatives blame liberals, we’ll do nothing about them.

Why? I don’t know. Money. Greed. Selfishness. An inability to differentiate right from wrong. An inability to separate politics from decency. An inability to grasp what works for the most people vs. what doesn’t work for the most people.

Back when the Sandy Hook shootings occurred, I saw an opportunity for America to take gun violence seriously. You had scores of dead children and a nation fed up with inaction. That momentum lasted for, oh, a week, before the news cycle led us elsewhere. That also occurred under the watch of a president, Barack Obama, who didn’t rest snuggly in the NRA’s pocket.

We will take no action because we are led by a conman, because we are frozen by fear, because we are owned by the NRA, because we listen to those (on all sides) who scream the loudest, because we have the attention spans of gnats, because we feel helpless, because we always assume the bad will happen to others, because we have a spouse and kids and a job and bills and … and … and …

We simply can’t deal.

So this day will pass, just as other days have passed.

Without action.

Without hope.

Without decency.

2 thoughts on “We are hopeless”

  1. Couldn’t agree more Jeff. I too was optimistic that surely Sandy Hook would be the last straw, sadly, our government cannot get out of its own way. I wish all elected officials would realize that some things are more important than costing yourself re-election.

    1. Nunno Yourbizness

      Odd thought about that too. You would think that if a lawmaker (obviously more than one would be needed to pass) got some form of gun control passed, that those people in favour of more gun control would come out in large numbers at the next election time to ensure they didn’t lose office. But you know, it wouldn’t happen, because people probably wouldn’t even bother to organize and support that. Even if it was important to them.

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