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After 9.11

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I’m a New Yorker, and in the aftermath of 9.11 everyone I know who lived or worked in the city tried to help.

For some that meant giving money.

For some that meant volunteering.

For some that meant donating blood, clothes, supplies.

My wife, a social worker, volunteered her time as a social worker. I volunteered my time at one of the tents where the rescue workers were given necessities. That made neither of us unique—literally every New Yorker in my life sought to assist.

But here’s the fucked-up thing: Donald Trump, our president, did not.

According to multiple records, he gave $0.00. He never showed up to distribute food and water; didn’t offer Trump Tower to volunteers in need of a place to stay. The lifetime New Yorker gave, literally, nothing.

This is our leader.

I still can’t get over it.