Sometimes a cause jumps out at you …

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So I was on Facebook a few minutes ago, and Amy Webb, a friend from high school, accidentally sent me a message meant for others.

Here’s what she wrote:

Hey ladies!!!
Amy Hale-Latin and I are teaming up to do a day of mini sessions to benefit Melanie Codi and her girls..

I am not a lady. Or ladies. And Amy apologized for the misplaced message. However, attached to the DM was one of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve read of late. Here is what she wrote …

The other day i posted about a local mom and what she is currently going through…
Her youngest baby girl is extremely sick and has already had brain surgeries and has to have more. She is a single mom and was engaged to an amazing man and huge support for her and the girls that he was raising as his own.. she was having a really hard time emotionally as she was also diagnosed w post partum depression along w the stresses financially and emotionally caring for a very sick baby as well as her other daughter. Dustin was her rock and they were planning their wedding for next year.
The other morning, Dustin went out to get a donut for her daughter and was hit head on by another driver and was killed on impact. 🙁

Another mom and photographer and I are teaming up to do a mini session event to benefit Melanie and her girls….


I don’t know Melanie. I didn’t know Dustin. But I know pain and I know anguish and I know it’s a crappy thing to ignore. So here’s what I’ll do: The first 15 people to donate to the cause will receive an autographed copy of Gunslinger, my Brett Favre biography. This is the link to donate—give $30 (or more), take a screen shot and e-mail it to me at Include your mailing address and I’ll hook you up.