Russ Bengtson slings yang

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A few hours ago I posted the fifth episode of Two Writers Slinging Yang, my weekly podcast where I chat writing with another scribe.

The new episode features Russ Bengtson, my longtime pal best known from his work as Slam Magazine’s editor. Russ was a fabulous guest—lots of stories about Iverson, K.G., Tim Duncan … and even a little Shawn Bradley (who Slam repeatedly mocked).

Russ and I are contemporaries, meaning we’re A. Survivors of the business and B. Confused by the business.

Please give it a listen either on Bumpers or iTunes.


PS: In case you’re curious, the photo on the left features Peter Nesbitt, Tommy Jacobellis and Chris Supa. It’s from the 1990 Mahopac High School yearbook. I’m not entirely sure why I’m using it. But, eh, I am. Proudly.

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