Dear White Supremacist Marchers …

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… it’s me—John Stevens. I’m the boss as the feed warehouse where that guy on the left works.

… and it’s me—Randy Ott. I’m the boss at the accounting firm where that guy in the middle works.

… and it’s me—Malik Lewis. I’m the boss at the pharmacy where that guy on the right works.

… and it’s me—Candace Cohen. I’m the boss at the AT&T store where that guy with the mustache works.

… and it’s me—Hillary Chen. I’m the dean at the college where that kid in the plaid shirt attends.

Yup, it’s us. And, as a group, we’d like to say: You’re fired. Expelled. Dumped. Kicked to the curb, like a bunch of low-level racist asswipes.

Did you not think we’d recognize your faces? Did you not think this would get out? You know we have black customers, right? Oh, and Jewish ones, too. A couple of Asians even. Soooo … you’d probably have to agree they don’t really want to frequent businesses staffed by white supremacists. It’s funny how that works.

Say what you want about the pre-Donald Trump KKK—at least they were smart enough to wear hoods. You guys … look at you, marching around like you’re living in 1928 Virginia. You know we have iPhones, right? And TVs? Your faces are everywhere. You’re embarrassments to the world.

So, again, you’re fired.

Go sell your bullshit elsewhere.

187 thoughts on “Dear White Supremacist Marchers …”

  1. Kimmy, members of minorities did NOT abuse racists as children. These vile neo-nazis may get their violent tendencies from abusive parents but they were TAUGHT to hate people who NEVER did anything to them from birth. Generational racism is prevalent in America. Millions of hate filled racists are the ugly underbelly of America. The world watches as an inept, racist Drumpf emboldens his base of ugly Americans.

  2. This public notice from these employers and the Dean is EXCELLENT…everyone of these folks that can be identified need to be brought out into the light of day w/their names, where they live and what they do. Since they are so damned proud of being KKK, White Nationalist or White Supremacists they need to be outed all the way.

  3. spikefivefivefive .

    “Yup, it’s us. And, as a group, we’d like to say: You’re fired. Expelled. Dumped. Kicked to the curb, like a bunch of low-level racist asswipes.”

    For committing a crime or exercising your right legally assemble?

  4. Jean-pierre Mercier

    that’s what google does, fires people for not agreeing with their post-modern and SJW ideology. what’s good for one is good for the other i guess. just playing devil’s advocate. if i had my way, i’d fire anyone resembling a communist or a marxist. they’re all troublemakers in a free market capitalist society.

  5. If you don’t stand up to bullies, they become embolden. If you confront them with strength, but reason, they generally slink away. At heart, they are cowards. However, don’t be foolish, always walk in pairs or more and carry pepper spray if you feel you need it. Bullys are generally cowards, but that doesen’t mean that they can be aggressive or even violent. Reasonably prepared is always wise, especially if walking or riding the trail alone.

  6. Could not agree more. Take your bullshit back to Kentucky or Georgia or wherever in the hell else you come, from because if we see it here,… well let’s just say we have a lot of timber and rail here, as well as plenty of extra jail space, and we won’t be sparing.

  7. I dunno, maybe you should have kept quiet and let the police know who they are so that the cops could keep an eye on them. There’s good reason for that old saying, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.

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