The paper towel photo op

This is what we call a “photo op.”

That’s short for “photograph opportunity,” and celebrities and people of note use them to convey a certain emotion or sentiment. For example, after Katrina George Clooney might have gone down to New Orleans to help with cleanup. His publicist might have set up some images of George sweeping a street, or lugging supplies, to show, “Look, George Clooney is trying to help. You should try and help, too.”

Only the above clip doesn’t scream, “You should help, too.” It’s the president, allowing the people of Puerto Rico to eat cake.

It’s him, standing apart from the struggling peasants, playfully shooting paper towels their way.

Beneath the YouTube clip, you’ll see a handful of comments supporting Trump. Why? Because some would support Trump were he to vomit into a plastic cup and serve it to the people of Puerto Rico as beef stew …

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 1.26.56 PM

The reality, however, is that of an ineffective and tone-deaf non-leader doing what comes naturally to him and his. Namely, acting like an unaffected asshole, tossing towels while dreaming of golf.