New Yang, New Yang

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So in case you don’t know, I now host a weekly podcast titled TWO WRITERS SLINGING YANG. It’s available via Bumpers and/or iTunes, and yesterday’s episode marks my 16th week on the job.

I began slinging yang for a simple reason: I love talking writing with writers. Like, I love, love, love, love it. I love hearing about technique, device, approach, setback, elation. Everything about writing is passion for me, and to share that with others is pure bliss.

I digress.

The new Yang stars Tom Junod, and in particular we discuss three of his all-time greatest works …

• 1. The Falling Man—Wright Thompson considers this to be a piece of legend. I agree.

• 2. The Greatest, At Rest—Jesus, the detail and precision. Just beyond reproach.

• 3. Can You Say … Hero?—Where he tries and show you the real Mr. Rogers. Perhaps my favorite of the three pieces.

Anyhow, Tom was terrific, and I’m always open to suggestions for future episodes.